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  • Traveller. Anoushka Shankar 21.500€ #50112UN664 Ref.: 50112UN664

    Traveller. Anoushka Shankar

    Anoushka Shankar doesn't need to be introduced. She is Ravi Shankar's daughter, and her range at the sitar and as composer is so big and deep that it gives dizziness. From the classical indian music to the experimentation with the contemporary electronic music, Shankar worked with a lot of international artists and developped her own career. Since always fascinated by the flamenco world,...

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  • Greatest Hits José Mercé 17.500€ #50515EMI544 Ref.: 50515EMI544

    Greatest Hits José Mercé

    In this CD " Greatest Hits " José Mercé gather together famous songs.The singer from Jerez is offering the first compilation with 17 songs. Songs like Aire, Primavera, Al alba, Te pintaré, Te recuerdo Amanda, Clandestino, Del amanecer, Lío, Mammy blue... Original songs and their respective versions. José Mercé is today flamenco phenomenon.

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  • La calle del aire - Estrella Morente 12.450€ #50515EMI169 Ref.: 50515EMI169

    La calle del aire - Estrella Morente

    'Calle del aire' shows, once again, that the quality of the voice of Estrella Morent is totally out of question. Her maturity and sensibility make this new flamenco record a unique piece that only and extraordinary cantaor can match. Having waited for so long for her debut, it comes as a surprise the release of two albums in one year. Calle del Aire is a an album with a Christmas flair made up of...

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  • Con otro aire - Chambao 17.950€ #50511BMG566 Ref.: 50511BMG566

    Con otro aire - Chambao

    'Con otro Aire' is a personal jewelery that was born from the inside of LaMari of Chambao. She emanates colors from the South and we notice that the flamenco she has inside her veins is still her mark of identity. In this disc, composed almost integrally by herself, we can listen to arabic melodies too.  Between all the collaborations in this album, those of two masters of flamenco music stand...

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  • Limón - Javier Limón 20.950€ #50511BMG574 Ref.: 50511BMG574

    Limón - Javier Limón

    Limón, composed and arranged by Javier Limón himself, is the record that begins the activity of the record label that the recognised musician and producer.Javier Limón starts a new record label under the name "Casa Limón" with this release of a solo album that joins many guests artists suchs as Paco de Lucía, Niño Josele, Potito, Guadiana, Montse Cortés, La Tana and Bebo Valdés .

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  • Pitingo with Habichuelas 14.950€ #50112UN537 Ref.: 50112UN537

    Pitingo with Habichuelas

    Pitingo con habichuelas is the first disc of Pitingo, sponsored by legends of flamenco with the collaboration of: the Habichuela's family (Pepe et Juan Habichuela, Juan Carmona and Antonio Carmona), Javier Barón and Carmen Linares. A flamenco disc that combines the most orthodox singing with stylish insolences that can not leave anyone indifferent (mixing flamenco and blues), but always with...

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  • Puertas abiertas: El Lebrijano & Faiçal 17.750€ #50113ES496 Ref.: 50113ES496

    Puertas abiertas: El Lebrijano & Faiçal

    ''Puertas abiertas'' is the new record by Juan Peña El Lebrijano. On this occasion, he once again gets close to Andalusí and Arabic music after having previously recorded these genres in records like ''Encuentros''.

    Price: 17.75 € (Without taxes)
  • Mi cante y un poema - Estrella Morente 16.650€ #50515EMI118 Ref.: 50515EMI118

    Mi cante y un poema - Estrella Morente

    Flamenco singer Estrella Morente (Granada, 1980) is -quite literally in her native tongue- a star. And a star with impeccable flamenco connections too; her father and musical mentor is legendary singer Enrique Morente, her accompanists include veteran guitarist Manolo Sanlucar as well as new flamenco stars Ketama, and to cap it all she's married to a 'matador'. Her long-awaited debut album was...

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  • New York Flamenco Reunion - Marc Miralta 17.300€ #50509NM503 Ref.: 50509NM503

    New York Flamenco Reunion - Marc Miralta

    Like it happens so often, catalan drummer Marc Miralta discovered that he was a flamenco aficionado while living outside of Spain. he gathered his favourite musicians from both sides of the Atlantic and projected  this recording which is another proof of flamenco's influence in contemporary jazz.

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  • La familia pollo. Kiko Veneno. CD 13.650€ #50511BMG302 Ref.: 50511BMG302

    La familia pollo. Kiko Veneno. CD

    In this, his first album recorded in Sevilla, the acoustic guitar is important, especially considering he hadn't used in any previous recordings, along with new drum rhythms making 'La Familia Pollo' an album with more variety. La Familia Pollo is Kiko Veneno at his best, telling stories of daily life. His music travels through Catalan rumba, Cuba, African and Brasil with a personal and...

    Price: 13.65 € (Without taxes)
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