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New flamenco

Flamenco Music and Dvd - New flamenco

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  • Pata negra 13.100€ #50112UN170 Ref.: 50112UN170

    Pata negra

    1981 witnesses the release of the first Pata Negra album, and eponymous album that set the record for future works, combining electrifying and flamenco guitars with an innate self-confidence. Tracks like 'Blues de los niños' (Kids Blues), 'Rock del Cayetano' or 'Los managers', clearly show that the Amador brothers (Raimundo and Rafael) have found a holy grail of unsuspected richness and enormous...

    Price: 13.10 € (Without taxes)
  • Rock gitano - Pata Negra 13.100€ #50112UN214 Ref.: 50112UN214

    Rock gitano - Pata Negra

    Rock Gitano is a magnificent flamenco-rock fusion piece of work. It's quality is seen through Raimundo's mastery of the guitar and Rafael's blends of tarantos with rock and roll in his voice. The band brings together rock, 'Levante', tanguillos, 'Badajoz', all types of bulerías, tangos, blues and even a cover of Allman Brothers Band's 'Jessica'.

    Price: 13.10 € (Without taxes)
  • Isla menor - Raimundo Amador 18.900€ #50112UN325 Ref.: 50112UN325

    Isla menor - Raimundo Amador

    Raimundo boasts himself that on this Cd, he combines 'more rock & more flamenco than ever'. The 10 songs are all produced by Fernando Illán, but amoung them are songs written by Pulgar, Kiko Veneno, Santiado Auserón and Los Delincuentes, among others.'Isla Menor', whose title is a tribute to Raimundo's house in Sevilla, includes important contributions from: Antonio Carmona, who sings a...

    Price: 18.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Trabajito me ha costao - Maita Vende Ca 12.050€ #50112UN270 Ref.: 50112UN270

    Trabajito me ha costao - Maita Vende Ca

    'Trabajito me ha costao' (whichs means something like 'It took me a great deal of work to get it') is the fourth album of Cádiz based band Maita Venda Ca, a name which in Caló jergon means 'my mother is Gypsy'. The lessons learnt in the previous years have given them more self confidence to do what they really know best, which tend to coincide with what the public wants. In 'Trabajito me ha...

    Price: 12.05 € (Without taxes)
  • Echate un cantecito. Kiko Veneno. CD 13.650€ #50511BMG304 Ref.: 50511BMG304

    Echate un cantecito. Kiko Veneno. CD

    This is an indispensable album to understand the evolution of New flamenco. An exquisite combination of lyricism and everyday circumstances, which Kiko's voice turns into poetry.

    Price: 13.65 € (Without taxes)
  • Dame la mano - Ketama 21.950€ #50112UN28-ED Ref.: 50112UN28-ED

    Dame la mano - Ketama

    Dame la mano goes in deep into the ketamera philosophy. On the disc, besides the expected pop, flamenco and blues there are also certain teases with hip hop and house. For the most part Dame la mano is composed of a trio with Juan and Josemi on guitars and Antonio on vocals. The album is titled after a tango in a villancico style. There are balads like Parar el tiempo and Como las mareas with...

    Price: 21.95 € (Without taxes)
  • 20 pa' ketama 15.950€ #50112UN361 Ref.: 50112UN361

    20 pa' ketama

    Ketama are in their birthday season, and the Carmonas could not have found a better way to celebrate it: 20 years, 20 songs. All of Ketama's greatest hits in a single record with two new songs, 'Corazón loko' and 'Viviré'. After recording eleven albums and two compilation records, this latest release by the Madrid band includes some surprises and developments that are worthy of the score of...

    Price: 15.95 € (Without taxes)
  • 2 álbumes originales - Songhai y Songhai 2 - Ketama 18.350€ #50509NM449 Ref.: 50509NM449

    2 álbumes originales - Songhai y Songhai 2 - Ketama

    Two original records by Ketama, in this special series that the ‘Nuevos Medios’ record label has released for people who want to complete their collection of albums by the band, which has recently split up.The strings of the African kora join those of the Spanish guitar, the palm-clapping, the cajón (box-drum)... in this record born from the meeting between Ketama, Tournani Diabate, the...

    Price: 18.35 € (Without taxes)
  • Songhai 2 - Ketama 16.250€ #50509NM445 Ref.: 50509NM445

    Songhai 2 - Ketama

    The strings of the African kora join those of the Spanish guitar, the palm-clapping, the cajón (box-drum)... in this record born from the meeting between Ketama, Tournani Diabate, the legendary musician from Mali and the cantaor José Soto. This is how this work arises, the fruit of the incredible ease with which flamenco can absorb and merge will all kinds of music. It is indispensable as proof...

    Price: 16.25 € (Without taxes)
  • Canciones Hondas - Ketama 15.200€ #50509NM504 Ref.: 50509NM504

    Canciones Hondas - Ketama

    The band's first compilation record. It includes pieces from the period when it was still made up by its founding members: José Soto, Sorderita, as a singer and on guitar; Juan Carmona on guitar and Ray Heredia on guitar, percussion and voice; at the same time, Antonio Carmona (percussion and voice) and José Miguel Carmona (guitar) also feature in this record.  

    Price: 15.20 € (Without taxes)
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