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  • Cañailla - Niña Pastori 18.750€ #50511BMG133 Ref.: 50511BMG133

    Cañailla - Niña Pastori

    On her third album 'Cañaílla' (which means 'from the San Fernando Island', in Cádiz), Niña explores her flamenco roots without straying too far from the pop style that has allowed her to appeal more easily to younger audiences. The promotional single 'Cai', which is 'Cádiz' but pronounced in Andalucia jergon, was written by Alejandro Sánz, and refers to Niña's Andalucian origins. Along the...

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  • Eres luz - Niña Pastori 16.650€ #50511BMG134 Ref.: 50511BMG134

    Eres luz - Niña Pastori

    'Eres Luz' was produced by Paco Ortega -he's the one who discovered Niña-, and it's full of happiness and cantes. Niña Pastori, with her voice, takes us deep inside the New Flamenco culture where all the cantes have a fres sound. This album features collaborations from Alejandro Sanz, Parrita, Paco Ortega and even from Paco, María's (Niña Pastori) brother, who wrote the rumba 'Como tú,...

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  • Gerundina - Raimundo Amador 10.350€ #50112UN135 Ref.: 50112UN135

    Gerundina - Raimundo Amador

    This is Raimundo Amador's debut album as a solo artists, after his work with Veneno, and legendary band Pata Negra. The album title is a tribute to his guitar, built by Gerundino Fernández. This recording features guests like B.B. King and Argentinian prodigy Andrés Calamaro and it follows the flamenco and blues fusion that Raimundo himself started with the two bands aforementioned.

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  • En la esquina de las Vegas - Raimundo Amador 15.200€ #50112UN161 Ref.: 50112UN161

    En la esquina de las Vegas - Raimundo Amador

    12 tracks soaked in the exotic flamenco and blues cocktail, among them a rendition of Take Five, the best-selling jazz single of all times. Raimundo Amador is one of those artists who gives it all and makes his guitar talk, He's a gipsy, a honest and gentle man with a naughty face who expresses himself naturally through music. He's got a genius inside and that makes him unforgettable.

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  • El arte de lo invisible - Ketama 13.100€ #50112UN162 Ref.: 50112UN162

    El arte de lo invisible - Ketama

    In 'El arte de lo invisible', released in 1993, the Carmona trio took a huge leap that secured them massive success among the public. 'Demasiado Corazón', featuring Aurora, or 'Vengo de Borrachera', are two of the highlights of this album. 'El arte de lo invisible' is a good chance to hear some of the origins of this Gypsy band that, almost 15 years ago, spearheaded this flamenco-pop mix known...

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  • ... Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos. Ketama 10.350€ #50112UN163 Ref.: 50112UN163

    ... Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos. Ketama

    It was in 1990 when Ketama released 'Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos', immediately achieving success among other flamenco musicians, a genre which they've enriched through a mixture of pop and Latin ryhthms. Let's not forge that Ketama spearheaded this flamenco-pop mix known as New Flamenco, almost 15 years ago.

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  • Karma - Ketama 14.150€ #50509NM486 Ref.: 50509NM486

    Karma - Ketama

    A compilation record that features the works that were published between 1988 and 1990. It involves the participation of Ray Heredia, Aurora, Toumani Diabate and Sorderita.

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  • Ketama 11.450€ #50509NM501 Ref.: 50509NM501


    The first work by Ketama. It was released in 1985, although it had been recorded two years earlier. At the time, the band, which was formed by José Soto, Juan Carmona, José Heredia and Antonio Carmona, represented a gamble in the recording world which would later reap its benefits. Ketama already enjoyed the involvement of important figures. This first record featured the participation, among...

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  • Un okupa en tu corazon Raimundo Amador 10.350€ #50112UN152 Ref.: 50112UN152

    Un okupa en tu corazon Raimundo Amador

    'Un okupa en tu corazón' [A squatter in your heart] is Raimundo's fourth record as a solo artist. Raimundo emphasizes that this is his 'more guitar based' album. Flamenco, rock, blues, jazz and funk guitars, all tuned by himself, can be heard along the 12 tracks of the CD. Raimundo adds that he has put a lot of stress on 'the urban content of the lyrics', and explores more deeply 'the Latin...

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  • Pa gente con alma - Ketama 13.100€ #50112UN167 Ref.: 50112UN167

    Pa gente con alma - Ketama

    'Pá gente con alma', published in 1992, is Ketama's sixth studio album, named as a tribute to Ray Heredia, founding memeber of the band who had recently died due to an overdose. This album also evidences the differences between the Cardona's adn José Soto 'Sorderita', another member of the band who didn't even participate in the recording.

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