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  • Flamenco inheritance - Ketama - Documentary 17.975€ #50112UN574 Ref.: 50112UN574

    Flamenco inheritance - Ketama - Documentary

    It’s already on DVD the documentary about the Ketama group, directed by the german Michael Meert. It’s dedicated to Ray Heredia, member founder of Ketama, and also to the departed Antonio Flores. But the movie is also a revision of the history of three flamenco generations: The Habichuela (Juan and Pepe), their children (who integrated into Ketama) and their grandchildren: represent the past,...

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  • De akí a Ketama 10.350€ #50112UN25 Ref.: 50112UN25

    De akí a Ketama

    'De Aki a Ketama' was recorded live at the Cinearte Studios in Madrid on March 28th and 29th, 1995. This album marked a new era on the career of this band formed by two brothers and a cousin brought up in Madrid who belong to an Andalucian family with a very strong flamenco background. In this album Ketama did an amazing job of exploring unorthodox rhythmic patterns and meters. They had the...

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  • El Flamenco es universal 15.550€ #50112UN56 Ref.: 50112UN56

    El Flamenco es universal

    This double CD puts together 34 flamenco artists. A compilation like few given the high quality of the performing artists, the songs, and the wide variety of styles. From Fosforito in 1957 to the virtuoso Tomatito in 2001, spanning over 50 years of Flamenco history.

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  • Ketama. 50 Greatest Hits Collection 14.950€ #50112UN598 Ref.: 50112UN598

    Ketama. 50 Greatest Hits Collection

    Ketama. 50 Greatest Hits CollectionCollection offering the 50 greatest hits of Ketama. This repertoire contains the best records of the Universal Music Spain discography, including all the number #1 and her princial hits on radio and sales. We have here a meticulous and new selection, a very different best of, something innovator.Boxed set with 3 CDs incuding the very best if her association with...

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  • Sabor Ketama 10.350€ #50112UN100 Ref.: 50112UN100

    Sabor Ketama

    'Sabor Ketama' was released in 1998. It's a compilation of seventeen master pieces that depict whole era where fusion, cultural exchange, experimentation and innovation meet. When the ingredients are top quality the result can't be wrong. Juan and Josemi guitars and the distinctive voice of Antonio find in this album yet another moment of happiness and enjoyment.

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  • Konfusion - Ketama 10.350€ #50112UN104 Ref.: 50112UN104

    Konfusion - Ketama

    Flamenco is a very rich and very demanding art, and it is almost impossible to capture its vital flavor without years of training and experience. Ketama, fortunately, has what it takes to deliver excellent New Flamenco. Released in June, 1998, Konfusion has a nice blend of smooth Pop-Jazz-Flamenco sound that promises to please new listeners. Also, the lyrical content of 'Konfusion', is far more...

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  • Samaruco. Duquende 12.600€ #50112UN107 Ref.: 50112UN107

    Samaruco. Duquende

    'Samaruco' signals the comeback to the recording arena of Duquende. In this album, the singer shows more steadiness and formality than expected. This is due to the great care put in the production of this CD, recorded in three different studios with as many as four engineers. Among the musicians, a fantastic list which includes the usual 'godfathers' Benavent and Tino Di Geraldo, sought after...

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  • Poeta. Vicente Amigo 13.450€ #50113SME114 Ref.: 50113SME114

    Poeta. Vicente Amigo

    'Poeta' was released in 1997 and it's Amigo's third CD. Composed in 1995 and originally entitled 'Concierto flamenco para un marinero en tierra', 'Poeta' represents a beautiful meadow in the middle of an incomparable view: Alberti's poetry, Amigo's flamenco guitar, and the majestic sypmhonic ennsamble La Orquesta de Córdoba, conducted by Leo Brower, a key player not only in the Cuban music but...

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  • Un momento en el sonido - Vicente Amigo 20.950€ #50511BMG480 Ref.: 50511BMG480

    Un momento en el sonido - Vicente Amigo

    Vicente Amigo is giving his best in this album. After five years without publishing an alum alone, Vicente Amigo comes back with 'Un momento en el sonido'. A flamenco album, in which there is the cooperation of Tino di Geraldo and Joan Albert Amargos and the singers Antonio Villar and 'Potito'. 'Un momento en el sonido' is the best song of the album. The rhythmic originality of the rumba...

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  • Toma Ketama 10.350€ #50112UN177 Ref.: 50112UN177

    Toma Ketama

    This recording belongs to the kind of work created to be lived, to be drank without limitations so that it goes under the skin, so that it finds a place in one's soul and grows from there. Each song in Toma Ketama, is unmistakably grounded in flamenco, but the entire Latin music world is fair game as interpretations of the bolero, son montuno, samba, and salsa add upt to the sauce. 'Mienteme'...

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