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    Remembranzas. Carmen Linares

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    The singer Carmen Linares presented her disc, Remembranzas, that has been recorded in live during the concert she gave in the Sevilla Maestranza Theatre the last february. The performance counted on the participation of several artist friends like Miguel Poveda and Javier Barón.
    The artist includes two themes sung in duo with the singer Miguel Poveda and counts on the participation of tha dancer Javier Barón.
    Among the interpreted songs, we find out Romance Pascual of Peregrinitos, Asesinado por el cielo and Sevillanas de Lorca, in which Linares put music on some poetic pieces of Federico García Lorca.
    Moreover, Linares chosed the themes: Mis ojos sin tus ojos and Casida del sediento, with which he pay tribute to the poet Miguel Hernandez.
    Guests: Miguel Poveda (sing), Javier Barón (dance), José Luis Ortiz Nuevo (actor) Guitars: Juan Carlos Romero, Miguel Angel Cortés, Salvador Gutiérrez, Paco Cortés Paco Cruzado, Eduardo Pacheco Piano: Pablo Suárez Double bass: Julio Blasco - Violin: Rafael Villanueva Flute: Pedro Esparza Percussion: Antonio Coronel Choirs and Palmas: Ana María González, Javier González and Rosario Amador.

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