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    Dorantes. Sin Muros

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    CD 1

    • 1. Sin muros ni candados
    • 2. Atardecer
    • 3. Errante
    • 4. Libertad entre rejas
    • 5. 4 leguas de amor
    • 6. Refugio
    • 7. Aliento
    • 8. Al calor de la manta
    • 9. Caracola
    • 10. Una voz en alto
    • 11. Ante el espejo

    David Peña ''Dorantes'', presented these days his third work, in solo. "Sin muros" has been published by Universal and answers to the needs of the artist to explore, from the conception, of new musical horizons to bring his piano "to new ways until now unknown", according to the interpreter.

     If there is something to keep in mind, the quality of the protagonist and his collaborations like Carmen Linares, Enrique Morente, José Mercé, Miguel Poveda or the israeli artist Noa,  who cast in a repertory based on bulerias,seguiriyas, alegrías, tientos, malagueñas, guajiras, nanas and soleá. 

    In this CD, we can find themes like "sin muros ni candados", in which we count on the bass player Renaud García-Fon, passing by ''Al calor de la manta'', a lullaby interpreted by the israeli singer, Noa, lines of García Lorca in ''Refugio'', with Enrique Morente and one of the newest theme recorded by Enrique Morente or in ''Libertad entre rejas'', interpreted by Carmen Linares. There is also a theme, paying tribute to gypsie processions in Seville, with the music and lyrics of Dorante, ''Errante'', with the voice of Jose mercé.
    The last line of this work is ''Ante el espejo'', a ceration based on the atonality and the experience with harmony and sounds.

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