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Flamenco Music and Dvd - Historicals

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  • Niño de Barbate (Republication) 10.450€ #50112UN416 Ref.: 50112UN416

    Niño de Barbate (Republication)

    El Niño de Barbate is one of the best figure of the 'flamenco Opera'. Friend of artists like 'la Niña de los Peines', 'Pepe Marchena' or 'Vallejo', he spent nights playing with Antonio Chacón and Manuel Torresiendo.  

    Price: 10.45 € (Without taxes)
  • Raíces del cante gitano - Antonio Mairena (Republication) 10.450€ #50112UN414 Ref.: 50112UN414

    Raíces del cante gitano - Antonio Mairena (Republication)

    He excelled in the most serious, solemn palos of Gypsy origin (often known as Cante Jondo), like Tonás, Martinetes, Soleá, and Siguiriyas, of which he recorded all or most of the traditional songs and variations. The value of his artistic legacy is controversial. On the one hand, some flamenco fans and critics consider him to be a model to imitate, an impersonation of the most authentic...

    Price: 10.45 € (Without taxes)
  • Jacinto Almaden - Cante Flamenco 9.900€ #50535AD523 Ref.: 50535AD523

    Jacinto Almaden - Cante Flamenco

    Original recordings from the 30s decade. Jacinto Almadén has a deep voice from a mining throat. He was a non-gipsy singer with a great power and pedigree to sing.

    Price: 9.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco 9.900€ #50535AD522 Ref.: 50535AD522

    Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco

    Original recordings from the 30. Juan Varea. He was not Andalusian or gipsy but a real Flamenco. Juanito Varea left us a large discography including all the famous "palos" of the flamenco music. He is considered as a traditional figure, a pure flamenco voice and recognized by the artists. He was one of the four elected during the "Llave de Oro" singing competition in Cordoba, in 1962. A singer...

    Price: 9.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Figuras del Cante Jondo - Porrina de Badajoz 9.900€ #50535AD539 Ref.: 50535AD539
  • Figuras del Cante Jondo - Manolo el Malagueño 9.900€ #50535AD538 Ref.: 50535AD538

    Figuras del Cante Jondo - Manolo el Malagueño

    Manolo el Malagueño was a "sweet songs" cantaor. His master was Pepe Marchena was his favourite cantaor, he imitated his styles at the beginning. Then he found his favourite musical dynamics. He was a successfull singer, admired by the audience.

    Price: 9.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Niño Ricardo. Collection Sentimiento Flamenco. 2 CDS 8.500€ #50080425360 Ref.: 50080425360

    Niño Ricardo. Collection Sentimiento Flamenco. 2 CDS

    Niño Ricardo is considered by many people as the best accompanist in history. This double CD of the collection Sentimiento Flamenco gathers 21 songs of this famous guitarist, the most famous ones are: “Campanilleros”, “Fantasía Salinera”, “Llora la Caña” ,''A Don Rafael Tapias'',''Alegrías'',''Almoraima'',''Nostalgia...

    Price: 8.50 € (Without taxes)
  • La guitarra de Sabicas (Republication) 11.450€ #50112UN411 Ref.: 50112UN411

    La guitarra de Sabicas (Republication)

    Two complete albums of Sabicas:¡Ole! la guitarra de Sabicas (1972) y ¡Flamenco! En la guitarra de Sabicas (1972).The first one includes colaboration of Adela Chaqueta, Rosarito la Mejorana and the second guitar is Diego Castellón, his brother. 

    Price: 11.45 € (Without taxes)
  • El Lebrijano con Manolo Sanlúcar y Pedro Peña (Republication) 10.450€ #50112UN413 Ref.: 50112UN413

    El Lebrijano con Manolo Sanlúcar y Pedro Peña (Republication)

    We are listening to the best moments of Juan el Lebrijano. His songs are all part of the flamenco festivals.His repertoire includes more than sixteen tittles from 'El lebrijano' (1973) and 'Arte de mi tierra' (1974), with the guitars of Manolo Sanlucar and Pedro Peña. 

    Price: 10.45 € (Without taxes)
  • Manolo Caracol (Republication) 10.450€ #50112UN415 Ref.: 50112UN415

    Manolo Caracol (Republication)

    Manolo Caracol is synonymous of flamenco genius. These are the best recordings of his professional carreer from 1962 to 1968.We listen to him with Melchor de Marchena, Juan Habichuela and Arturo Pavon.  

    Price: 10.45 € (Without taxes)
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