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Con otro aire - Chambao

'Con otro Aire' is a personal jewelery that was born from the inside of LaMari of Chambao. She emanates colors from the South and we notice that the flamenco she has inside her veins is still her mark of identity. In this disc, composed almost integrally by herself, we can listen to arabic melodies too.  Between all the collaborations in this album, those of two masters of flamenco music...

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Pa Saber de Flamenco 4

"Pa Saber de Flamenco 4" is more a gem that a simple CD.It contains flamenco artists voices from all periods.Voices and guitars from Camaron de la Isla to Paco de Lucia, and more like Manolo S anlucar and Carmen Linares. You will also find classical voices as Antonio Mairena, Porrina de Badajoz, Manolo Caracol or El Chato de la Isla.This fourth volume of the collection "Pa saber de flamenco"...

Price: 9.90     ( 12.77 $ )
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Flamenco styles encyclopedia AZ (12 Cd + Book)

A new encyclopedia travelling all over the styles through the most representative artists.
All the "palos". All the artists. The complete flamenco is now collected in this new publication, the flamenco styles encyclopedia from A to Z.
Faustin Nuez and Jos Manuel Gamboa, experts in flamenco, have worked on this edition travelling all over the most important names of the flamenco...

Price: 99.95     ( 128.94 $ )
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Sabores - Sara Baras

Sabores is a series of flamenco images which combine art, emotions, colours and especially the flavour of good flamenco.
For an hour and a half "Sabores" brushes the limits of the rhythm and melodies of the different palos and styles that make up the range of flavours offered by flamenco and fuse into colourful dance. You can savour tangos, seguiriya, zambra, alegras, taranto,...

Price: 22.95     ( 29.61 $ )
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Greatest Hits Jos Merc

In this CD " Greatest Hits " Jos Merc gather together famous songs.The singer from Jerez is offering the first compilation with 17 songs. Songs like Aire, Primavera, Al alba, Te pintar, Te recuerdo Amanda, Clandestino, Del amanecer, Lo, Mammy blue... Original songs and their respective versions. Jos Merc is today flamenco phenomenon.

Price: 17.50     ( 22.57 $ )
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La voz del agua - Marina Heredia

The flamenco singer Marina Heredia is coming back with a new disc "la voz del agua". She is coming back with a self-produced work, with the help of Jose Quevedo, the Bolita.This new work "la voz del agua" goes deep in flamenco styles escaping sometimes to other music styles. This is a very capricious disc and Marina Heredia is very proud about it. The tango "las madres locas" is like a tribute to...

Price: 13.95     ( 18.00 $ )
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Pack pa saber de flamenco (4 cds)

With this pack we offer you the possibility to purchase the four volumes for an unbeatable price."Pa saber flamenco" is a high quality and varied anthology. Perfect for those who need a flamenco initiation or for those who want to re-discover the flamenco world. These four volumes contain a good selection of the main flamenco "palos".

Price: 25.75     ( 33.22 $ )
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La misa de la Alegra - Siempre As

Siempre As is coming back with "La Misa de la Alegra"."La Misa de la Alegra" is a spiritual trip through Spain, Africa and Latin America following the structure of the catholic mass, and with a great musical variety.Produced by Oscar Gomez (also productor of "Misa Campesina Nicaragensa") and Rafa Almarcha (Siempre As), including a great rythmes diversity and musical colors. Like this, the...

Price: 18.95     ( 24.45 $ )
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Iberia - Carlos Saura - Dvd - Pal

Iberia, Carlos Sauras new movie.
Inspired by the work of the spanish composer Isaac Albniz (1860 - 1909), Iberia is a movie which integrates all the composants of a musical. Clasical ballet, contemporary ballet, spanish dance and flamenco: all entwined to create a masterpiece.
Sauras cine camara is like an artist in wing who observes the preparation, the rehearsal;  the...

Price: 18.00     ( 23.22 $ )
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200 Sevillanas - Plaza Nueva

Plaza Nueva, after quite a long way, decided to compile in 2 Cd's 200 of the most important sevillanas of the history.You will be able to find in these Cd's all the work realised by the group until nowadays.This includes popular sevillanas, sevillanas of love, from the sea, for feria, of habits and 'sevillanas del Roco'.A complilation realised with the most appropriate comps for...

Price: 21.50     ( 27.73 $ )
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