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    De la Zambra al duende. Juan Habichuela

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    Disco 1

    • 1. Dale al aire (Bulerias) - Alejandro Sanz y Ketama
    • 2. Gabarre (Tangos) - Paco de Lucía y Potito
    • 3. Con el ritmo dentro (Bulerias) - Chano Lobato
    • 4. A la mare de mi alma (Soleá por Bulerias) - Montse Cortés
    • 5. La pureza (Fandangos) - Rancapino
    • 6. Le gusta al loco (Malagueña)- Cañizares
    • 7. Carcelero, carcelero (Romance)- Manolo Caracol
    • 8. La misma esencia (Soleá)- Pepe Luis Carmona
    • 9. A papá Habichuela (Tango)- Pepe Habichuela
    • 10. A ritmo de Alpujarra (Bulerias) - Tomatito
    • 11. Cantando a mi curro (Seguiriya) - Jose Mercé
    • 12 A mi Luis

    Juan Habichuela is considered one of the great masters of his genre and is an imperative reference for new Flamenco fans. He is an indusputable icon and was recognized in a tribute to him in the album "De la Zambra al duende."
    It is the tribute of a life and an entire generation, los Habichuela, an integral part of Flamenco history.
    Special collaborations include Alejandro Sanz, Paco de Lucía, Potito, Chano Lobato, Montse Cortés, Rancapino, Cañizares, Manolo Caracol, Pepe Luis Carmona, Pepe Habichuela, Tomatito and José Mercé.

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