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    Ciudad de las ideas. Vicente Amigo

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    Disco 1

    • 1. Tres notas para decir 'te quiero'
    • 2. La tarde es caramelo (Alegrías)
    • 3. Ojos de La Alhambra
    • 4. Compare Manuel (Tangos)
    • 5. Bolero de Vicente
    • 6. Tatá
    • 7. Córdoba (Soleá)
    • 8. Ciudad de las Ideas

    Ciudad De Las Ideas is the fourth album of one of the most important Flamenco guitarrists today. Following the succes of his work with José Mercé, Vicente Amigo returns with a mostly instrumental album but with the collaborations of cantaores like Dieguito and Montse Cortés.
    'Let nobody think I have attempted to put music to the art of Kavafis, Alberti or any other poet... it's only about enjoying.'
    As far as Kavafis' inspiration goes, Amigo wants to clear up that he only borrowed a verse from a poem for the title of the album. 'It is thd dialogue of two poets, one young and one old. The young one tells the old that he has set the poetry standards too high and that he cannot meet them. The old one responds that the statment is a blasphemy, that he should be proud to have entered the Ciudad de las Ideas and that he should respect him. I thought that this parabola could be applied to many different things and that's why I used it... I am a slave to the guitar in quotation marks. I like to enjoy life and that is visible in my guitar. Even if it's in an unconsciouss manner all that I like is channelled through it, whether it be Fran Zappa, Pat Metheny or the Flamenco cante, which by the way, is what I like and know best'.

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