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  • Ciudad de las ideas. Vicente Amigo 22.050€ #50511BMG120 Ref.: 50511BMG120

    Ciudad de las ideas. Vicente Amigo

    Ciudad De Las Ideas is the fourth album of one of the most important Flamenco guitarrists today. Following the succes of his work with José Mercé, Vicente Amigo returns with a mostly instrumental album but with the collaborations of cantaores like Dieguito and Montse Cortés.'Let nobody think I have attempted to put music to the art of Kavafis, Alberti or any other poet... it's only about...

    Price: 22.05 € (Without taxes)
  • La Guitarra Española 12.050€ #50113FS261 Ref.: 50113FS261

    La Guitarra Española

    La Guitarra Española released under Fonografica del Sur is a compilation album with excellent songs such as: Angelitos negros, Guantanamera, Agua dulce, agua salá, Solamente una vez and Moliendo café. It is an enjoyable listen.

    Price: 12.05 € (Without taxes)
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