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    Sólo Compás is a designed collection so that you can learn how to distinguish the rhythm and the compás of the flamenco's different palos. Specially suitable for the learning or improvement in the guitar and in the dance.
     This CD works as a  metronome or a box of rhythms.
    The difference is that the compass that sounds is the "Palmas Reales" of the Teacher José Galván.
    The hand claps bent can also be practiced in dance pounding of the heels, guitar falseta, sing, etc.
    We recommend to use the CD 2 in yours practice because it contains part of the essence that the flamenco composes:
                                      Los CONTRATIEMPOS.
    Double CD
    CD 2

    1 Bent without Accent
    2 Bent without Accent
    3 Bent without Accent
    4 Bent without Accent
    5 Bent without Accent
    6 Bent without Accento
    7 Bent without Accent
    8 Bent without Accent
    9 Bent without Accent
    10 Simple with Accent 3/4
    11 Simple with Accent 3/4
    12 Simple with Accent 3/4
    13 Simple with Accent 4/4
    14 Simple with Accent 4/4
    15 Simple with Accent 4/4

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