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    Improchart in spanish.

    Improvisation generally consists in creating a Melody suitable for a given Chord Progression. This means that a score containing only chords is given, and a melody must be composedin such a way that it fits or sounds well with those chords. That part of the melody corresponding to each chordis composed, in most cases, by notes belonging to a certain Scale related to the chord.

    According to the CHORD SCALE THEORY, the scales related to a given chord are those containing the notes of the chord. IMPROCHART is an Improvisation

    Chart based on the CHORD SCALE THEORY, which automatically gives us all the scales related to a given chord. It consists of two rotating discs, one being cardboard and the other plastic. It comes with instructions,scale tables and a practical protective case.

    10 chord types are considered, along with their tensions, aswell as 10 scale types. An equivalence table for other types of chords is also included. The scales have been classified into Basic (Major, melodic minor and harmonic minor), Symmetric (diminished and Whole Tone) and Special (several Bebop scales, Pentatonic and Blues).

    Thus, a complete set of scales is available for improvising on a given chord. Moreover, with the aim of making the initiation to the improvisation easier and friendlier, a setof practical tables containing all these 10 scale types in every key is included.

    Finally, this instrument together with the scale tables,are designed in such a way that users need not know how to read music.

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