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    Contra Las Cuerdas (Vol.2). Oscar Herrero

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    Contra Las Cuerdas(Vol.2). Pablo San Nicasio. Maestros of Flamenco guitar within the intimacy that only an interview can offer. 
    This work, composed by two volumes, is the closest approach to the great maestros of contemporaneous Flamenco guitar up to now. 
    From the perspective of a guitar player whose profession is journalism and having in mind revealing an important part of the 
    secrets, experiences and opinions on the profession of each one of them, the musical and sociological path that "Contra las 
    cuerdas" proposes deepens into the most intimate part of this profession. In this volume, Riqueni, Cañizares, Vicente Amigo, 
    Josemi Carmona, among others, are interviewed. Likewise, the author has retaken some pieces of unestimable value in the journalism 
    field, such as two interviews to Paco de Lucía, made respectively in 1971 and 1986. One of them, unpublised; the other one, 
    plunged into oblivion. This work comprises a first volume where you will have the opportunity to read the confidences of Paco de 
    Lucía, Serranito, Manolo Sanlúcar, Tomatito, Pepe Habichuela...among many others.

    Book of interviews
    Author: PABLO SAN NICASIO17x24
    316 pages
    Language: Spanish

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