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    Flamenco Metronome. Sevilla Soft V3

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    Flamenco Metronome. Sevilla Soft V3 Ref.: 50020MFSSV3
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     Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft- v3 replaces the previous V1 version, it is an indispensable professional tool if you play the guitar, cajón or palmas, dance or sing, you're professional or amateur.

    Flamenco Metronome and digital chromatic tuner with all flamenco "palos"

    - 2.8 "color Touch Screen, simple and intuitive operation.
    - 150 rhythmic formulas.
    - Actual sound of percussion instruments (clapping, drawers, djembe, darbuka, tambourines, heel ...).
    - 8 tracks to compose your own loops and your issues.
    - Compasses from 1 to 12 times.
    - Stereo sound. Combine the instruments to your liking.
    - Choose the speed from 20 to 400 BPM. Progressively accelerates or slows down.
    - You will see on your screen the time you are at all times and 12 indicators in the form of a clock indicate accented notes. normal time green light, red light downbeat.
    - Combining rhythmic patterns randomly accompany you feel playing with really palmas and percussionists with flamenco soniquete.
    - Connect to your computer through USB 2.0 high-speed port. You can compose new rhythms and send them to the Flamenco Metronome.
    - Software installation easy for any version of Windows from XP to Windows 10 without requiring any driver. Software for Mac OSX. The metronome itself is the key that activates the functions of the software.
    - Time off for inactivity, display brightness and language (Spanish or English) selectable from the setup menu.
    - With powerful built-in speaker and headphone output to take with you or connect it to your Hi-Fi equipment for maximum quality.
    - Web updates.

    Package contents:

    - Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft.
    - CDROM with manuals. Software: ACOMPAS_MFSS and MFSS_PROF for Windows.ACOMPAS_MFSS and MFSS_PROF for Mac OSX.
    - Warranty, quick installation instructions and operating guidance.
    - USB connection cable.
    - USB Power 5 VDC.


    Screen: 4.3 cm wide and 5.8 cm high.
    Case: 7.7 cm wide, 11 cm high and 2 cm thick. The back of the speaker is 2 cm thick.

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