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    Learn how to play the flamenco cajón - Dvd)

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    Learn how to play the flamenco cajón - Dvd) Ref.: 50489DVDCAJON01
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    Script by Guillermo McGill and Faustino Núñez 
    In this DVD you will find everything related to the cajón, it´s rudiments, basic sounds, technique and it´s application in flamencomusic. 
    Five cameras record the whole process, for the first time there will be shown all the details related to the cajón and it´s music.
    The DVD further includes a detailed explanation on the rhythmical structure of the different styles of flamenco, a short history of the cajón and a description of the way it is constructed; further a chapter dealing with other instruments of percussion used in flamenco, like the Darbuka or the battery.
    Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese versions. PAL and NTSC systems.
    It includes a booklet with exercises and explanations about the contents of the DVD 
    Jose Luís Ordoñez: Flamenco Guitar
    Ana Salazar: Dance and palmas
    Eva Durán: Singing and palmas
    Angélica Leiva: Singing and palmas
    120 minutes
    DVD 5 languages. 
    The DVD is full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC). 
    Five languages included Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese.

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