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    Pedro Sierra. Flamenco Guitar Techniques Volume 1. CD

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    Pedro Sierra. Flamenco Guitar Techniques Volume 1. CD Ref.: 50113DSCM702
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    1. Arpegio hacia Arriba

    • 2. Pulgar Cromatico
    • 3. Picado cromático
    • 4. Arpegio hacia abajo
    • 5. Pulgar y picado
    • 6. Picado mástil
    • 7. Arpegio doble
    • 8. Pulgar y picado con ligaos
    • 9. Picado hindú 1
    • 10. arpegio combinado
    • 11. escala mayor picado
    • 12. alzapua
    • 13. Tremolo
    • 14. Horquilla
    • 15. Arpegio subiendo y bajando
    • 16. Arpegio subiendo y bajando
    • 17. Picado sin repetir
    • 18. Picado de tres
    • 19. Escala menor picado

    After many years of experience, the famous and experienced Flamenco guitar player Pedro Sierra, in his new album “Técnicas de guitarra flamenca”, offer us a first volume with a series of basic and easy exercises, recorded in the chronological order in which they must be practiced, in order to improve in the art of the Spanish guitar. “Picaos”, Thumb, Arpeggios, Tremolos…This album contains every fundamental technique to keep advancing towards becoming a master of guitar. In the CD we can find images (in JPG format) with the chords of the exercises 10, 13, 14 and 16, which are written in tablature. The texts are in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

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