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    1912-2012 Centenary of the birth of Sabicas and Esteban de Sanlucar

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    1912-2012 Centenary of the birth of Sabicas and Esteban de Sanlucar Ref.: 50079-CD1912
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    CD 1

    • 1. Caña de Azúcar (Guajira) 04:01
    • 2. Clavel Sevillano (Campanilleros) 05:11
    • 3. Punta y Tacón (Farruca) 04:12
    • 4. Oscar HERRERO & Mario HERRERO - Solera Gaditana (Alegrías) 04:18
    • 5. Variaciones por Soleá (Soleá) 04:35
    • 6. Olé mi Cádiz (Alegrías) 04:17
    • 7. Castillo de Xauén (Danza mora) 03:09
    • 8. Panaderos Flamencos 02:43
    • 9. Capricho Flamenco 04:21
    • 10. Mantilla de Feria 03:43
    • 11. Perfil Flamenco (Zapateado) 03:28
    • 12. Aromas del Puerto (Farruca) 04:01
    • 13. Panaderos Flamencos "Al estilo Ravel" 03:02

    1912-2012 Centenary of the birth of Sabicas and Esteban de Sanlucar.

    It is not only a tribute, is primarily an emotional memories of my childhood, a knowing wink and recognition of two men who were born in the same year, with those who always identified myself in his playing and making music, not forgetting ever that I'm just a humble admirer of both shared craft. Interestingly also share zodiacal sign, Pisces, sign of artists and musicians. Possibly dreamers, discrete, aware of the difficulties of this noble art of gray and white clouds hopes. Great musicians who had to migrate with little luggage but with a guitar full of talent, of soul, of magical sounds that show the world, and with the musical legacy of her homeland by flag.

    This work included an unpublished work of Esteban de Sanlucar, "Caprice Flamenco", which was never recorded, even by the author himself. I thank his student and friend Manolo Yglesias, who provided me with a copy that he could engrave the teacher at home informally. I did get the audio and a transcript was made ​​and on which I have written my own version. He is also the author of "Esteban de Sanlucar, flamenco guitar maestro", one of the first books that I edited with Oscar Herrero Editions (Chords Concert). Manolo did the transcripts and I relied on them now to play here the works of Stephen.

    I want to join this tribute on behalf of Enrique de Melchor. Thanks for helping me on my way, I was honored to have shared so many moments. Henry left us in early 2012 when it met this centenary.

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