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    Flamenco box and its dance course

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    Flamenco box and its dance course Ref.: 6960015D
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    In this video we explain the flamenco box technique accompanied by dance and guitar. The flamenco rhythm was born with sounds of "beat", palms, whistles, a box at parties... Its roots are dated back to India, "ancient Egypt", Hindu tabla, Arab Tabla and, the Peruvian cajoneo. The flamenco box was developed in Andalucia, with its own strong personality. Timo Lozano, master in "Amor de Dios" of "Bulerías", will teach it to us. 
    Duration: 44 mn. approx.  
    Languages: Spanish, English, German, Japanese.

    The DVD is valid and compatible for all countries (NTSC and PAL). Guaranteed.