Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Porrinas de Badajoz

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    Disco 1

    • 1. Gitano de Badajoz (Fandangos)
    • 2. La Repompa no ha muerto (Media Granaína)
    • 3. Del convento las campanas (Malagueñas)
    • 4. Una misa en Roma (aires de Murcia)
    • 5. Flores en el campo (Aires de la Sierra)
    • 6. Tan alta la vi subir (Fandangos)
    • 7. Yo no te obligo serrana (La Caña)
    • 8. To el mundo le pide a Dios (El Polo)
    • 9. En el cristal de mi copa (Petenera) (3:11)
    • 10.Dejarme flores, dejarme (Tangos extremeños)
    • 11.Con cuatro jacas castañas (Fandangos) (3:13)
    • 12.Duerme en una tabla (Soleares)
    • 13.Las dos de la noche (Siguiriyas)
    • 14.Que nos olvide el destino (Fandangos)
    • 15.Donde beben mis palomas (Tientos)
    • 16.Dejame que beba vino (Fandangos de Huelva)
    • 17.El Lleli (Zambra)
    • 18.Valverde de mi Valverde (Fandangos de Valverde)
    • 19.Vengo de mi Extremadura (Jaleos extremeños)

    Porrinas recorded all of his cantes with his unique signature; a voice smothered by peculiar bass tones making it hard to be imitated. Whoever has heard him has been able to appreciate a great cantaor who is unbeatable in his art and who, knowing how cante should be done, found the traits that would make a difference in the genre which is why he would eventually become known as an unorthodox cantaor. Porrinas is mostly known because of the fandangos, a genere of which he was king in his day. It was a genre which he sang standing up with no microphone to prove his gallant potential for he said: 'If I sit down my pants will get wrinkled. He had his own style for fandango cante and even in more rare cantes like jales and tangos. He was a distinguished Levante cantaor, which was rare considering he was Gypsy given that there are few Gypsy cantaores who can sing those styles well.

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