Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Manolo Caracol

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    Disco 1

    • 1. De la torre de la vela
    • 2. Evocación a la malagueña
    • 3. De querer a no querer
    • 4. Sale el sol del día-Es colorá
    • 5. El cante es mi buen amigo
    • 6. Su amor se llama Manuel
    • 7. Rosa venenosa
    • 8. Ay qué pena más grande
    • 9. Cuando yo te conocí
    • 10. Mira qué desgracia
    • 11. Entre las dos y las tres
    • 12. Romance de Juan de Osuna
    • 13. Mi barca
    • 14. Lástima de besos míos
    • 15. Qué grande es mi pensamiento
    • 16. Tientos de la rosa
    • 17. Quería construir-Dos candelabros de oro
    • 18. Morita, mora
    • 19. Carcelero, carcelero

    'Manolo Caracol has always been the king of the Gypsy cante. God always sends someone but, until now, no one like him'.
    When Caracol performed classic cantes he came out as genious, probably the most flamenco voice in history. His efforts always suited the best for cantes in call for flamenco duendes since he was made out of a prodigious metal which dominated his taste for basses, which were in turn extremely difficult.
    It was true that he was erratic like many other geniouses, however; his cante sometimes suffered from deep falls. Moreover, he contributed something to almost all the genres he performed in to distinguish himself from anyone else's cante.

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