Camaron de la Isla

    Rosa Maria - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia

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    Disco 1

    • 1. Rosa María (Tangos)
    • 2. Si no me sirvan pa ná (Soleá)
    • 3. Mis penas lloraba yo (Canastera)
    • 4. Pasan los años (Bulerías)
    • 5. Moraito como un lirio (Tientos)
    • 6. Vamos niña pa La Bamba (La Bamba)
    • 7. Los dos se juegan la "vía" (Tarantos)
    • 8. Con roca de pedernal (Bulerías)
    • 9. En el fondo se clavó (Fandangos)
    • 10. Vámonos pa casa (Sevillanas)

    On the cover of 'Rosamaría' is a picuture of Lamarca. On the guitar there is Paco de Lucía with the accompanyment of Ramá de Algeciras. All songs are by Antonio Sánchez, except for the buleria titled 'Con roca de pernal' by Joaquín Carmona. 'Rosamaría' is the hit, a few catchy tangos which accomplished their task. La Canastera is not as good as the first one, and in it Paco de Lucía interptrets falcettos from the rondeña 'Cueva del Gato'. Por soleá he does a cante, which unfortunately the sensationalist press hast taken advantage of given his disappearance 'Si no me serven pa'na'. The tientos follow the structure of El Mellizo. The rest of the album consists of the bamberas are based on the ones by la Niña de los Peines. Two bulerías, some tarantos (the first one is a mine taranta from Chacón,) fandangos and the sevillanas, which incorporate bass and flute.

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