Camaron de la Isla

    Camaron en la Venta de Vargas

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    Disc 1

    • 1. Bulerías del Chozas (Bulerias)
    • 2. Fandango caracolero(Fandango)
    • 3. Seguiriyas de los grillos (Seguirilla)
    • 4. Tangos extremeños (Tangos)
    • 5. Se me acabó el gusto (Fandangos)
    • 6. Azúcar cande (Bulerías)
    • 7. Tarantos del Tío Rufino(Taranto)
    • 8. De invierno (Fandangos)
    • 9. Sierra de Armenia (Seguiriyas)
    • 10.Amante de abril y mayo (Bulerías).

    During his childhood, Camarón was already going around the streets and inns in Cádiz, singing and playing the guitar to earn a little money. When he wasn’t 17 yet, he recorded some songs, that have now been re-mastered and whose sound has been cleaned up, in the Venta de Vargas, a legendary flamenco establishment during the 1970s. Not all of the songs are strictly speaking part of a performance, because some of them were recorded at the entrance of the inn and in a reception area, in the open air. Other tracks are part of a party that was held inside the inn.
    In these youthful songs, the wisdom that Camarón’s voice carries is already surprising, and it is reminiscent of great artists like El Nitri, Terremoto, Pastoria, Manolo Caracol and Manuel Torre. Camarón accompanies himself on guitar, which he taught himself to play when he was a child. It includes a booklet containing interesting information, written by Ricardo Pachón and Enrique Montiel.

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