Camaron de la Isla

    Camaron - Paris 87

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    Disco 1

    • 1. Tus Ojillos Negros [Alegrias]
    • 2. Sonidos Negros [Tarantos]
    • 3. Panuelo a Rayas [Bulerias]
    • 4. Como el Agua [Tangos]
    • 5. Yo Pienso Como el Cipres [Tangos]
    • 6. Panuelo a Rayas [2 Bulerias]
    • 7. Mas Duro Que el Acero [Fandangos]
    • 8. Tirititando de Frio [Bulerias]

    This is clearly a reknowed artist not only in Spain but beyond our borders. This is a sonic document that proves Paris is also capable of glowing under this maestro's spell.
    Seats were scarce at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris on 1987 to see a living legend of flamenco. A performance silentely hidden which has been brought to life to the delight of his fans.
    Without a doubt, Camarón is the last revolutionary of the world of Flamenco, criticized by some, idolatrized by others, but an innovator none the less.
    Hearing Camarón is forgeting about labels, it is a true revolution; the cante straight to the senses, straight to the heart. Therefore, any of his recordings deserves attention and may this last one be welcome.

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