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  • Paris 87 -88 - Camaron de la Isla - dvd - pal 28.150€ #50112UN20D Ref.: 50112UN20D

    Paris 87 -88 - Camaron de la Isla - dvd - pal

    A documentary with images from Camarón's performances in Paris in 1987 and 1988, accompanied by Tomatito's guitar, and an interview with this cante genious. As bonus material there are several pieces performed at the Cirque D'Hiver in March 1988, one of the six Paris performances, a videoclip and a photo album. This unedited document is a tribute to the greatest cantaor. Lenght: 90 min. PAL...

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  • Con Camarón 21.500€ #50112UN678 Ref.: 50112UN678

    Con Camarón

    In his 20th anniversary, Camarón pays homage to the best guitarists in an incredible disc “Con Camarón” In this disc called “Con Camarón”, we can find the great flamenco guitarists: Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Sabicas, Vicente Amigo, Juan Habichuela, Moraito Chico, Ramón de Algeciras, Niño Jero, Paco Cepero, Paco de Gastor,...

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  • Camaron de la Isla. 50 Greatest Hits Collection. VOL. II 14.950€ #50112UN651 Ref.: 50112UN651

    Camaron de la Isla. 50 Greatest Hits Collection. VOL. II

    Camarón de la Isla. 50 Greatest Hits Collection.Collection offering the 50 greatest hits of Camarón de la Isla. This repertoire contains the best records of the Universal Music Spain discography, including all the number #1 and her princial hits on radio and sales. We have here a meticulous and new selection, a very different best of, something innovator.Boxed set with 3 CDs incuding the very...

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  • Camaron and Tomatito Ref.: 50112UN642

    Camaron and Tomatito "San Juan Evangelista 92" Last concert

    The last concert of Camaron de la Isla. The show was about to be cancelled at the last moment. He came late, very late, but he came. He was coming from Nimes, and on his face we could see an infinite tiredness. He could not not come, he said "the fans deserve that i am here". As soon as he took sit, on the stage, his tiredness got away. He gave everything, taking risks with all notes, and he...

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  • Soy gitano - Camaron de la Isla 13.100€ #50112UN50 Ref.: 50112UN50

    Soy gitano - Camaron de la Isla

    1989. 'Soy gitano', first gold disc for Camarón de la Isla in Spain (over 50.000 copies sold). It is no secret that Camarón set a before and after in the flamenco history in Spain. He was a cante revolutionary and his contributions to flamenco are countless, and many of them acted as breeding ground for many other singers that were to come after him.

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  • La leyenda del tiempo - Camaron de la Isla 11.500€ #50112UN37 Ref.: 50112UN37

    La leyenda del tiempo - Camaron de la Isla

    La Leyenda del Tiempo is one of the best pure Flamenco crossovers where Camarón opens one more different path for creating and enjyoing this genre. In this album only some elements of rock are intertwined with the more consistent Flamenco in Bulerías, soleares, etc. In his day, Camarón said 'The closest I have ever recorded to rock has been 'La leyenda del tiempo,' in it i took a chance and...

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  • Flamenco vivo - Camaron de la Isla 11.500€ #50112UN60 Ref.: 50112UN60

    Flamenco vivo - Camaron de la Isla

    It is a lively and joyful voice that pleases when it mixes with the sounds of Tomatito's piercing guitar. Camarón's amazing live performance allows to hear previously in-studio recorded songs in a more natural atmosphere. His voice can only be heard as sharp and as direct in a live performance. Tomatito's guitar is sharp and full of life.

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  • Camarón de la Isla. La leyenda 38.950€ #50112UN418 Ref.: 50112UN418

    Camarón de la Isla. La leyenda

    The great flamenco genius of the second half of the twentieth century’s definitive anthology. It features 77 songs that have been digitally re-mastered. This anthology is a priceless testimony of contemporary history, not just of flamenco, but also of popular Spanish and European music in our time, because the legendary cantaor (flamenco singer) filled up stadia and managed to bring flamenco...

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  • Camaron: Anthology - Camaron de La Isla 27.300€ #50112UN19 Ref.: 50112UN19

    Camaron: Anthology - Camaron de La Isla

    The definitive compilation; including unedited material. In Camarón: Antología we find nothing less than the songs that songs with which José Monge Cruz, a.k.a. Camarón de la Isla, excited our soul, made is tremble and obliged us to cry.

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  • Camaron unpublished anthology - Camaron de la Isla 10.350€ #50112UN47 Ref.: 50112UN47

    Camaron unpublished anthology - Camaron de la Isla

    A compilation album with unedited tracks and alternate recordings of songs from Camarón's different periods. A special album where we can find a very young Camarón at 16 years of age and at the very last traces of a mature cantaor; always with the emotion and feeling of the genius that has revolutionized Flamenco.

    Price: 10.35 € (Without taxes)
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