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    Flamenco sing anthology. Flamencology. Vol 2

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    Flamenco sing anthology. Flamencology. Vol 2 Ref.: 50479P513
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    CD 1

    • Jose Palanca
    • 1.Fandangos
    • 2.La deshonra de una gitana
    • 3.Fandangos
    • 4.Canción a la Virgen del Rocío Soleá
    • El Peluso
    • 5.Fandangos
    • 6.Gitana Morena Zambra
    • 7.Fandangos
    • 8.Fandangos
    • El Sevillano
    • 9.Mala mujer Tangos
    • 10.Canasteros de Triana Bulerías
    • 11.Jerrero del Sacramento
    • 12.Fandangos
    • Jose Cepero
    • 13.Fandangos
    • 14.Fandangos
    • 15.Soleares
    • Pepe Pinto
    • 16.Seguiriyas
    • 17.Bulerías con fandangos
    • Pepe Pinto y La Niña de los Peines
    • 18.Fandangos
    • Niño Utrera
    • 19.Fiesta por bulerías
    • 20.Fandangos

    This compact disc forms part of the flamenco anthology integrated by original records of singers and guitarists which the names have passed into the history. The special character of flamenco, music and gypsie andalusian dances is the fruit of people character, of their land, of their culture and of their socioeconomic and cultural influences. We can say that the individualism and the genie are the Hispanic characteristics that make up the fundamental elements of the flamenco art. This anthology of discs includes fandangos, bulerías, granainas, malagueñas, seguiriyas, soleares, verdiales...etc.


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