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    Rosas del amor - Tomatito

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    Disco 1

    • 1. Dedicado a Camarón (Tango)
    • 2. La chanca (Bulería)
    • 3. Rosas del amor (Tango)
    • 4. La andonda (Soleá por bulerías)
    • 5. Puerta de Sevilla (Sevillana)
    • 6. Barrio Santiago (Bulería)
    • 7. Alejandría (Rumba)
    • 8. Soledad (Soleá)

    A re-release of the first album Tomatito (1987), re-mixed and with new guitars.
    His first solo recording is the album Rosas del Amor in 1987; and according to the guitarrist himself, those recordings were given birth to for personal satisfaction.
    Tomatito is accompanied by Camarón, Benavent, José Miguel Carmona, Antonio Carmona, Juan Carmona & Joan Albert Amargós.
    He is a skilled guitar player, a prominent artist within his genre and is admired by prestigious musicians from around the globe.