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    Querencia - Mayte Martín

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    EMI - ODEON S.A.


    Disco 1

    • 1. Ten Cuida'o (Buleria)
    • 2. Vidalita
    • 3. Conquero (Fandangos De Huelva)
    • 4. Serenoke (Malagueña y Fandangos Abandolaos)
    • 5. www.el pena.com
    • 6. Sal De Aqui (Cantiñas)
    • 7. Glosa A La Niña De Los Peines (Petenera)
    • 8. Glosa A La Niña De Los Peines (Petenera Instrumental)
    • 9. Intentalo Encontrar (Buleria)

    It's not like Mayte Martín releases many albums, but the ones he does come out with much class and viewpoint. En his new album we may find cantes that are common in his repertoire but had not been taken to the studio until now (Peteneras,la Cabal del Pena, Cantiñas de Pinini, Malagueñas, etc.). In addition, it restores Vidalita, in a much more flamenco format yet without excess. It also treats us to two more bulerías, very melodic but with great style. As a negative aspect... it tastes like too little.
    Mayte Martín knows how to give a new shine to the classical; to convince and excite with it, which is not very little in our time of saturation due to an excess of this classical repertoire. 


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