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    Pablo de Málaga.Enrique Morente

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    'Pablo de Málaga', the record that Enrique Morente has recorded and conceived in honour of Picasso in which he has adapted written texts by the artist from Málaga.

    ''Pablo de Málaga'' is a record of Enrique Morente for 2008. It comes up from the contact of  the cantaor (flamenco singer) with the written texts by Picasso, these texts, written in his handwriting , tells how was the painter’s childhood in his home town Malaga.

    Rafael Inglada, great expert in the life and the painter’s work, gave him the first hand documentation about the artist, including autobiographic texts in order to work on them. With this unpublished material, Enrique Morente paid personal homage to the well-known Pablo Picasso we didn’t know anything about him being a writer.

    ''Pablo de Malaga'' are thirteen colours that constitute the image of the genius, thirteen tastes the remind the south, about the town where the painter grew up which reach us reconstructed in geometric images superimposed. Thirteen sonorous presents, thirteen gifts that gives us a prodigious voice and evoked us the beauty itself, where the painter’s voice appears in one of the topics, Self-portrait, giving form to all these original texts and unknown until now. Also unknown are the engravings that appear on the record art.  

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