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    Lío - José Mercé

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    EMI - ODEON S.A.


    Disco 1

    • 1. Lío - Bulerias
    • 2. Te recuerdo Amanda - Cancion/Bulerias
    • 3. María discordia -Alegrias
    • 4. Maquíname - Tangos
    • 5. Bajo un jazmín de Verano - Malagueña
    • 6. Damajuana - Bulerias
    • 7. La libertad - Siguiriyas
    • 8. Entre estrellas y olivares - Jaleos
    • 9. Mi patio - Soleares
    • 10. "La Filarmoney" del barrio de Santiago - Fiesta por Bulerias

    The Jeréz-born sensation José Mercé is back again. He's looked around, learnt and thought about it carefully, and has found the need to openly express it. And the first thing that came to his mind was 'Lío' [Fuss]. 'Lío' es the third record of José Mercé for Virgin, and we're talking about an artist that is living his career prime and his combining both success with orthodoxy has helped him transgress the standard flamenco boundaries to reach all kind of audiences. José Mercé is nowadays among the top three flamenco singers and 'Lío' y just a confirmation of his status. On the production we find Isidro Muñoz, who was also responsible for the music and lyricis of most songs, except for an impressive bulerías version of 'Te Recuerdo Amanda', a long time classic by Chilean late singer Victor Jara. In the repertoire there are classic flamenco palos like bulería, tantos, siguiriya, alegrías, malagueña, all of them accompanied by big names like Moraito Chico, Cañizares, Diego del Morao, Tino di Geraldo. All this lead to think that, undoubtedly, 'Lío', will surpass all previous sales figures of José Mercé and will immediately stand out as an essential flamenco recording.


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