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    Flamenco Trilogy (2CD+DVD). Enrique Morente

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    Flamenco Trilogy (2CD+DVD). Enrique Morente Ref.: 50112UN668
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    CD1: Morente Flamenco en Directo

    • 1. Nana de Oriente
    • 2. Tangos de la vida
    • 3. Soleá de los cañaverales
    • 4. Fandangos naturales
    • 5. Granaina rosa
    • 6. Alegrías "grande locura"
    • 7. Serrana(del maestro matrona)
    • 8. Tientos a Sernita de jerez
    • 9. Malagueña,como que sale de mi
    • 10.Soleá de pilarico
    • 11.Nana de oriente (versión completa)
    • CD2: Morente + Flamenco
    • 1.Tres cabales
    • 2. Plaza larga (Fiesta por Bulerías)
    • 3. Nanas de la cebolla
    • 4. Una fuente( Malagueñas)
    • 5. Naranja y Azahar (caña y polo Tobalo)
    • 6. Poema del tiempo (Tientos)
    • 7. Al sol que sale ( Soleares)
    • 8. La luz de tus ojos (Rondeñas y Jabera)
    • 9. Solea de la cumbre
    • 10. Los Serranos (Martinete y tonás)
    • DVD: “Morente”dirigido por Emilio Barrachina

    Universal just launched "Flamenco trilogy" of Enrique Morente, a pack in which we find his two most important discs in live "Morente Flamenco" and "Morente + Flamenco", and a DVD about the film of Emilio Barrachina "Morente, the last work of the singer from Grenade", with the performances in the Arab baths of Grenade, the castle of Buitrago of Lozoya, the Liceu of Barcelona.

    The documentary directed by Emilio Ruiz Barrachina, collects the last records of the singer from Grenade.
    The disc contains sings recorded in live in places like the Liceu of Barcelona, the Bañuelo of Grenade with his children Estrella, Solea and Kiki, in a studio like the "Angel caido" and the room where is exhibited "Guernca" of Picasso in the Queen Sofia Museum. The album is accompained by texts of specialists as JOse Manuel Gamboa and musicians who worked with him like the producer Javier Limon for instance.

    The repertory includes traditional sings like soleares, seguiriyas and malagueñas and some of his most personal creations like “Guern-Irak" from the disc “Pablo de Málaga” or “Los saeteros” of “Lorca”.

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