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    Gallardo Shoes. Belen. Z007

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    Gallardo Shoes. Belen. Z007 Ref.: 50495Z007
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    Classic Gallardo shoes.

    The Gallardo dance shoes are the most used and famous flamenco shoes in the world. The best dancers and the most prestigious dance companies use them.
    These shoes are totally handmade throughout the entire making process. On the sole and the heel, there are more than 300 nails and its finish is made with care. All this slow and hard process makes the Gallardo shoes unique.
    The Gallardo shoes are handmade, with the exterior sole sewn, and always fitting to the standard numeration. 
    Model description: 
    These Gallardo shoes are like the Mercedes model but with adornments on the buckle part. The adornment and the strap can be combined in different material. On the picture, you can see them in suede C-110 and with leather adornment. The heel is standard, of 5 cm. 
    These Gallardo shoes are made under special order, that's why we don't accept any return or refund.

    Professional - A Series
    Handmade shoes from Gallardo. Leather is attached with nails, the sole is glued and sewn on the outside.
    Professional - P Series
    Handmade shoes from Gallardo. Leather is attached with nails. The shoe is removed from the shoetree to sew the sole on the inside. 
    Once sewn, the shoe is re-inserted on the shoetree in order to add an extra thick anti-slip sole that provides great sound 
    quality and durability. 

    Product details:

    • ColorsColors
    • HeelsHeels
    • MoradoMorado
    • Negro AnteNegro Ante
    • TejaTeja
    • C120/C640C120/C640
    • Granate AnteGranate Ante
    • Rojo AnteRojo Ante
    • Negro Piel CharolNegro Piel Charol
    • FuxiaFuxia
    • Verde 205-650Verde 205-650
    • C-425-480C-425-480
    • Azul 350-180Azul 350-180
    • Piel NegroPiel Negro
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    Mimi Navarro


    beautiful and comfortable!!!



    This is the second time I order a Gallardo pair of shoes from Flamencoexport. I am extremely please with their service, timeliness, reliability and the quality of the shoe. I am definitely ordering again from them.

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