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Flamenco Shoes

    Gallardo - Flamenco Dance Shoes: model Mercedes in Leather

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    Gallardo - Flamenco Dance Shoes: model Mercedes in Leather Ref.: 504950004
    • Price: 117.36  €  (Without taxes)

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    Flamenco shoes by Gallardo.
    Gallardo: Mercedes Style Shoes in Leather , with a special made form for professionals, leather sole, nails, sewn top made by GALLARDO.
    Sizes between 34 to 40, in black with normal heel 5cm are delivered in 24/48 hours. Other models are delivered in 30 work days.
    FlamencoExport is authorized to sell Gallardo shoes on internet.
    Gallardo Flamenco shoes are handmade by exceptional artisans in Spain using leather and suede finest.
    Gallardo assures the comfort, beauty, durability and the exceptional sound quality of his shoes.
    Professional - A Series
    Handmade shoes from Gallardo. Leather is attached with nails, the sole is glued and sewn on the outside.
    Professional - P Series
    Handmade shoes from Gallardo. Leather is attached with nails. The shoe is removed from the shoetree in order to sew the sole on the inside.
    Once sewn, the shoes is re-inserted on the shoetree in order to add an extra thick quality sole on the bottom that will provide great sound
    quality and durability. 
    The only standard colour is black for A series. The rest of the colours are made especially for you, therefore we will only allow exchanges for the black ones.

    Product details:

    • Detalle CosidoDetalle Cosido
    • Detalle SuelaDetalle Suela
    • Clavos TacónClavos Tacón
    • Detalle CollarínDetalle Collarín
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    very nice shoes and good quality




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    FlamencoExport Suggest:

    • Flamenco shoes can be of  suede or leather. It is important for the shoe to be firm in the extreme superior part (where the toes) and also in the heel, for the heel use and the bottom of the shoe for the learning of the foot-stamping. Bearing all those characteristics in mind, the student can choose between professional or beginners models: the color, the fabric and the style you desire.  

    Comentario FlamencoExport

    • El uso de los zapatos para el baile flamenco, es muy personal, pero el zapato debe tener un cuero duro, el baile debe notar los sentimientos de los pies del bailaor.

    FlamencoExport Comment

    • Artisan hand-crafted Flamenco Shoes,made in Spain using the finest leathers & suede. We assure the comfort, beauty, durability and outstanding sound quality of our shoes.
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