Black Ribs To Build Fans

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    Fan ribs specially made for craft projects.


    Measurements: 23 cm of long ribs / 6 cm for the fabric

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    Comentario FlamencoExport

    • The fan has many different uses. It is used as a symbol of elegance, and also as a language.. and to refresh us when we feel hot. During many years the fan served to transmit feelings and hidden pasions.The postures and looks made possible a new way of expression taking care of showing women's feminity.

    FlamencoExport Comment.

    • Fans have a specific terminology for each of their components: 
       País: textile. 
       varillas (ribs): wood that can be painted or fretworked. 
       caberas: first and last ribs thicker than the others. 
       calado (fretwork): holes made in the ribs. 
       abanico (fan): the assembly or the named elements.