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Pasin Gitana - Joaquin Corts (VHS-PAL)

The same Pasin Gitana (Gypsy Passion) that triumphed on international stages, the show that Corts dedicated to his grandfather. It is an homage to the gypsy race and roots, an explosion of music and dancing in which the young talent who has revolutionised flamenco appears with a long skirt, naked from the waist up. Flamenco dressed for the streets by none other than Armani -: bailaoras...

Price: 9.95     ( 12.84 $ )
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Amor brujo, carmen y bodas de sangre

SPECIAL OFFER!!!Flamencoexport offers you an exclusive packageThe 3 videos of Carlos Saura.Carmen, Amor Brujo, Bodas de Sangre.  11'99 . VHS, PAL system Available only for PAL system videotapes.Please make sure you are able to read this kind of video before ordering them.

Price: 11.99     ( 15.47 $ )
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Bodas de sangre - Vhs - Pal

Saura's first attempt at a musical yielded succesful results. The movie's main theme is Antonio Gades' mythical baile on Federico Garca Lorca's "Bodas de sangre" and it's latest example. It was the first collaboration between two of the great names in Spanish culture, Saura and Gasdes, and it was so succesful that it was the first of a series of collaborations. PlotThere is a wedding celebration...

Price: 9.02     ( 11.64 $ )
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Carmen - Vhs - Pal

Throughout the years Saura and Gades' second collaboration has turned into one of the best remembered and most praised films, especially outside Spain, by the Aragonese director. 'Carmen' is the tale of Antonio, the director of a baile company who is putting together 'Carmen' de Bizent. When he finds the ideal actress for the starring role, an ill relationship is born and is explained in the...

Price: 9.02     ( 11.64 $ )
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El Amor Brujo - Vhs - Pal

Love, dance and death. These are the three keys to 'El amor brujo'. Carmelo is in love with Candela, whose father has arranged a marriage with Jos, according to Gypsy law. Jos, who even after marriage continues to see his mistress Luca, dies due to a stabbing shortly after. Carmelo is accused of killing Jos and spends four years in jail because of it. When he returns to town, Carmelo...

Price: 9.02     ( 11.64 $ )
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Flamenco - Vhs - Pal

The director, Carlos Saura made a movie, in which he looks over all the flamenco palos, from the buleria, martinete, fandango and tango to the seguiriya, taranta, rumba and solea. You will see the best of the dance and the toque with some very famous artists.
Paco de LucaManolo SanlcarEnrique MorenteCarmen LinaresFarrucoEl griloBelen MayaJoaqun...

Price: 9.02     ( 11.64 $ )
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Flamenco Guitar step by step Vol.1 by Oscar Herrero

SPECIAL OFFER!!!In this first album, Oscar Herrero reveals all the secrets of thumb playing, thumb and forefinger, picado and many different forms of rasgueo strumming. It comes with a booklet with sheet music scores and chord diagrams.Lenght 68 minutes.VHS - PAL system Spanish language.Available only for PAL system videotapes.Please make sure you are able to read this kind of video...

Price: 14.95     ( 19.29 $ )
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Flamenco Guitar step by step Vol. 2 by Oscar Herrero

SPECIAL OFFER!!!In this second album, and after interpreting a taranta - buleria, Oscar Herrero explains a number of advanced rasgueo strumming techniques with the thumb, plectrum playing, tremolo, flamenco harmony and finally playing por bulerias and alegrias.Lenght 60 minutes.VHS - PAL system Spanish language.Available only for PAL system videotapes.Please make sure you are able to read this...

Price: 14.95     ( 19.29 $ )
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