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 You are here ::  Flamenco music ::  Didactic Material ::  Tributo flamenco a Don Juan Valderrama
Tributo flamenco a Don Juan Valderrama
Tributo flamenco a Don Juan Valderrama 
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  1. A mi tierra de Linares - Valderrama y Pepe de Luca
  2. Torrecampeo - Potito
  3. El emigrante - Vicente Amigo y El Pele
  4. La rosa cautiva - Miguel Poveda y Juan Habichuela
  5. El cantaor - Montse Corts
  6. De polizn - Pepe de Luca y Paquete
  7. Tengo el gusto tan colmao - Guadiana
  8. La novia de Reverte - Arcngel
  9. Garbo malagueo - Carmen Linares
  10. Madre hermosa - Diego el Cigala
  11. El emigrante - Jos el Francs y Nio Josele
The world of flamenco stages a tribute to Juanito Valderrama. And to do this, Paco de Luca, Carmen Linares, Vicente Amigo, Jos el Francs, Diego el Cigala, Miguel Poveda, El Pele, Potito, Arcngel, Pepe de Luca, Montse Corts, Juan Habichuela, Guadiana... have come together, as well as Juan Valderrama, of course. All the songs on the album were composed by Valderrama, who sings A mi tierra de Linares with Paco de Luca's accompaniment. What couldn't be missing, and isn't, is El emigrante, which is sung in double version by Jos el Francs and El Pele alongside the guitars of Nio Josele and Vicente Amigo.

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