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solo compas contratiempos
solo compas contratiempos 
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Slo Comps is a designed collection so that you can learn how to distinguish the rhythm and the comps of the flamenco's different palos. Specially suitable for the learning or improvement in the guitar and in the dance.
 This disk was basically registered so that you would be able to get used to the "Contratiempos" and it works almost as a metronome
Includes setbacks for palms that are listened clearly above the compass bases, played by the teacher Jos Galvn
The "Contratiempos" is something that appears in other music, but the difference is that in  flamenco the "Contratiempos" very often
sound stronger than its compass bases and it also reaches a speed overcoming the normal one.
This CD is ideal to practice your dance, guitar playing, etc.
Double CD


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