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 You are here ::  Flamenco music ::  Didactic Material ::  Buleria edicion de lujo - David Bisbal
Buleria edicion de lujo - David Bisbal
Buleria edicion de lujo - David Bisbal 
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  1. Bulera (4m 10s )
  2. Permteme seora (4m 42s )
  3. Oye el boom (4m 25s )
  4. Esta ausencia (4m 33s )
  5. Cmo olvidar (4m 29s )
  6. Me derrumbo (4m 09s )
  7. Camina y ven (4m 18s )
  8. Se acaba (3m 52s )
  9. ngel de la noche (3m 22s )
  10. Desndate mujer (4m 38s )
  11. Condenado a tu amor (4m 27s )
  12. Amores del sur (3m 48s )
  Video clip de Bulera
  Making off del video clip
  Galera de fotos
  Making off de la grabacin del disco
This is the second album of this spanish artist on his way to become one of the most successful import artists from this country... At his only 24 years old he already owns his Grammy award and World Music Award for best artist and best upcoming artist.
What can you find in bulera?
Latin tracks mixed with a great voice, nice tunes, great lyrics, an irresistible combination impossible to hide from.
From the first second to the last one. You can't miss a word, you can't miss a note. Its got a smooth flow of ballads with the energetic beats in the album.
In addition the luxury edition includes the video paper clip of 'Bulera', making off of the video paper clip, a gallery of photos and making off of the recording of the disc.  The videos are in the interactive track that contains the CD and you will need a PC with Windows 98, XP or 2000, or Macintosh with OS X.
It's just incredible grat work.

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