Carteles Taurinos. Mitos. Paquirri

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    Carteles Taurinos. Mitos. Paquirri Ref.: 50491CCN174
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    The first demonstration of the bullfighting art is the bullfighting poster.
    This poster heralds the bullfighting of September 26, 1984, with Francisco Rivera "Paquirri", in Pozoblanco, the bull square where he died.
    Francisco Rivera "Paquirri" was sharing this corrida with Vicente Ruiz "El Soro" et José Cubero "Yiyo" fatally injuried by a bull named Burlero in Madrid, on September 30. 1985.

    The customized posters cannot be paid cash on delivery.

    Mesures: 97cm X 53cm.

    The handling and shipping can cause small rips in the edge of the posters. As they don’t affect the picture, they can’t be considered as a flaw or imperfection. No exchange nor return can be admitted for that reason.

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