Black Fiberglass Flamenco Castanets: Orozco nº 7

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    Black Fiberglass Flamenco Castanets: Orozco nº 7 Ref.: 504740008
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    Orozco nº 7 Black Fibre Filigrana Flamenco Castanets

    Orozco Model nº 7 Black Fibre has these characteristics:

    This model is made with artificial fibre. The chemist adds cellulose (50%) and textile (50%) to give more resistance than the previous models. These castanets are black with a smooth touch of wax. Their reference number is 7 which means that their size is the biggest.

    The “neck” of castanets is short, and their “ears” are leveled with the “neck” so the thumb can rest. It is a professional model. Their angles are leaning to facilitate the slidding of fingers. 

    Castanets are percussion instruments.

    Filigrana is one of the most experienced traditional establishments on the flamenco market (Sevilla, España). 

    The company of craftsmen based in Seville offers highly resilient castanets, which are not susceptible to atmospheric changes and give a precise sound and a greater volume than wooden models. For the castanets´ fabrication, they combine traditional knowledge and techniques in order to obtain solid castanets that will give professional dancers an instrument with the right precise sound.  


    Orozco Model nº 7 Black Fiberglass
    Colour: Black
    Size: 7
    Measurements in centimeters:
    7'5 (width) x 9'2 (height)
    Measurements in inches:
    2'9 (width) x 3'6 (height)

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