Black Castanets for Jota Double Box of Castañuelas del Sur

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    Black Castanets for Jota Double Box of Castañuelas del Sur Ref.: 501743132052
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    Black castanets for Jota Double Box by Castañuelas del Sur.

    These castanets are made especially for the jota by Castañuelas del Sur. They are 100% handmade. They are made of sheets of paper and pressed cotton impregnated with resin.They are handmade and allow each professional to obtain castanets for the jota with an unrepeatable sound, where the range and intensity of the sound makes it a perfect ingredient for the jota dance.

    This model includes our special case.

    They are engraved with the JUAN VELA SEVILLA brand.

    The colour of the case may NOT be the one shown in the photograph.

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