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mi adn flamenco
mi adn flamenco 
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  1. Libertad
  2. Aserej
  3. Jos Monge Cruz
  4. Me voy pa mi casa
  5. Yo te quera Mara
  6. Bailaores
  7. No miento
  8. Ratones coloraos
  9. Qu tal Dolly?
  10. Do, re, mi
Incorporating new influences Diego Carrasco has brought out a new CD ("Mi ADN Flamenco") full of depth & vitality, flavoured by "Jerez" but overflowing with his own personality.  Through his veins flow flamenco's rythm, perhaps better than anyone and he knows how to expertly combine other musical influences, such as Jazz, Rock and the Blues, whilst not losing the traditional sounds of flamenco, and maintaining on immense respect for the most orthodox sources of this art.

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agua dulce - tomatito 14.85  #112FN362CI

cositas buenas - paco de luca 13.95  #112FN333CI

paseo de los castaos 9.85  #112FN31CI

solo quiero caminar 9.85  #112FN55CI

tauromagia 9.85  #112FN140CI

dame la mano (edicin especial) 21.50  #11228FN-ED

20 pa' ketama 14.50  #112FN361CI