Artists - Rafael Farina

Rafael Farina
Nationality:   Española
Palos:   Fandango. Copla

Their greater merit resides in the fandango, style by which has created very personal ways

RAFAEL ANTONIO SALAZAR MOTOS. Gypsy flamenco singer known world-wide with the name of Rafael Farina, was born in Martínamor (Salamanca), the 2 July of 1923 and died in Madrid on November 21 of 1995, by heart infarct at 72 years old.
The family was humble, numerous and artistic, they live on the cattle treatment. It was the fourth of eleven brothers, the older brother was "Calderas de Salamanca" and grandfather of singer of boleros "Tamara".
When he was child all the family moved to Salamanca City, where soon it began to sing "al plato" to get somes coins, in the whorehouse by the Chinese District, this district of Salamanca was where it was grouped, the prostitute houses, the highlights were "Casablanca," "Florida" and "Serrano". Rafael Farina has a statue in the middle of Chinatown,  on the streets of Palma, his protector for many years was "the Margó".
With twenty years he moved to Madrid, where he worked as a singer his older brother, Antonio.
In 1944 Doña Concha Piquer contract him to travel with her to Santiago de Chile, in this trip learned to sing with orchestra, until this moment he always sung with guitar, due to its liking to play by the fandangos. Rafael acted in the "Colmao" "Los Gabrieles" at Echegaray street in Madrid where they were going to hear hear him singing, among them one of its heroes: Manolo Caracol.
The first important performance of Rafael took place in 1949, in the tribute to Juanito Mojama, at the "Cine Alcala".
The'50s and'60s were his glory years, he consolidated as one of great stars of the Spanish song.
In 1952 had his own company in the "Teatro Pavon" and released "La Copla Andaluza", in 1953 it acted with Marisol Reyes in "Bronce y Oro". In 1955 opening "Circo de Ferias" in the Price and "Arte y Solera" in the Teatro Calderón.
In the cinematographic has participated in the films like "Café de Chinitas", "Puente de Coplas" and the "Copla Andaluza".
The enthusiasm that Rafael Farina has waked up between his followers has been evident throughout his artistic projection,  In fact be brought by shoulder in the theater more than an occasion. Between his performances abroad,he was always very well received at the Teatro Español in Tetuán (Morocco),
1963 in the Wagran Teater of Paris and 1964 in the German cities of Colony and Dusseldorf. Many of his songs have become popular flamenco their greater merit resides in the fandango, style by which has created very personal ways. Rafael will be always in the good memory of all the fans.
Rafael Farina was a man of great loves, his land, bulls and his friends were the subject of his passionate, but what was really happy for him sing the song, especially when it was in the scene.

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