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Small Shawls

    Handmade shawls with Red and White fringes. Cala

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    Handmade shawls with Red and White fringes. Cala Ref.: 50587ROJO353CALA
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    Handcrafted small shawl. Handmade small shawl.

    The small shawl is the indispensable accessory for a flamenco dress. It is the piece that goes with the flamenco dress and contributes to hide what the woman doesn't want to be seen or showing off the typical of gypsy dress.

    In the flamenco fashion, the small shawl is a piece that aesthetically goes with the flamenco dress at the moment you are wearing the ensemble.

    Although it is prettier the long fringe, it always depends on the design. If the flamenco dress is more for the morning performance, a bit short and young so a small shawl of short fringe will be better for you. Nevertheless, if we are talking about an important flamenco dress, with power and design, what will look special is a small flamenco shawl with long fringe and putting the fringes with two colours together.

    These small shawls are totally handicrafts. They come directly from Andalusia and are handmade.

    The small shawls are made out under the basis of the fabric called kochibo, their fringes are dyed by and their gratings are worked with mixed skills as there are: the macramé, bobbins and closed knot

    All the small shawls are made with ribbons not threads formed by a mix of poliamida and silk.

    This means that we can wash it, the fringe doesn't ruin even wet.

    Conservation norms:

     .Wash the hand in cold water with soap.
     .Do not use bleach
     .Do not leave to soak, then these articles are dyed by hand and they could fade.
     .Dry at air not be machine-dried, the fringes could get muddled up if they are machine-dried.
     .Do not iron the fringe.
     .Keep hanging on a hanger.

    Estimated measures:
    Width: 130 cm.
    Lenght: 58 cm.
    Fringe: 32 cm. (including 7 cm. of "enrejado").

    To put on the flamenco small shawl seems to be a simple task, but, it is not. There are different ways of wearing depending on the kind of the garment, fringes and embroidered and how you want to wear it.

    How to wear the small shawl?

    1- Wear well the dress and put the small shawl on the shoulders.
    2- Fasten the pin or brooch amongst the fringes.
    3- Fasten the pin to the dress and lining to avoid the tearing.
    4- Put on the small shawl well stretched to stylize the figure,.
    5- It can be gathered on the back or stretched to look good the embroidery.

    Product details:

    • EnrejadoEnrejado
    • FlecoFleco
    • MantónMantón
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    FlamencoExport Comments

    • The Plain Corners have a triangular form with fringes on both sides, embroidered or plaited... they are very appropriate for parties and celebrations. Used as a light coat or as a dress complement. In flamenco they use it as a costume complemet.

    FlamencoExport Advice

    • The 'manton' is defined by the costume and is the one that gives a new
      attractive. Can be made of gauze, colourful or embroidered. The great
      variety that offers the market allow us to choose a classic or a modern
      'manton', according to the user's choice.
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