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Como el agua

The master cante from Camarn and the extraordinary guitars from Paco de Luca and Tomatito, together in a CD that is, track by track, totally enjoyable. Never before so much perfection was seen on an album. Any flamenco aficionado should have this Cd up on his to-od list. This record, in which Paco de Luca returns to play for Camarn es capable of touching the thinnest fiber of your soul....

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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'Canastera' seems to show the most experimental sides of these two flamenco virtuosos. It coincided temporarily with the flamenco 'duende' of Paco de Luca (1972) y reflects the sound of that time with echoes and rever effects. It starts with an attempt at creating Cante, 'La Canastera', with a chorus that brings back the memories of the copla 'Ojos Verdes', originally written by Valverde, Len y...

Price: 12.55     ( 16.19 $ )
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El pequeo reloj - Enrique Morente

In this CD, Enrique Morente lends his voice to relive old recordings of late masters like Sabicas, Manolo de Huelva and Ramn Montoya. Morente sings an electronic by Carlos Jean dedicated to Lula, Brazilian president. There is also Latin Jazz with Cuban Alain Prez and Neoyorican Jerry Gonzalez, and also an anit-war tune inspired on Beethoven's 'Claire of the Moon'. This CD features...

Price: 18.75     ( 24.19 $ )
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Lo - Jos Merc

The Jerz-born sensation Jos Merc is back again. He's looked around, learnt and thought about it carefully, and has found the need to openly express it. And the first thing that came to his mind was 'Lo' [Fuss]. 'Lo' es the third record of Jos Merc for Virgin, and we're talking about an artist that is living his career prime and his combining both success with orthodoxy has helped him...

Price: 17.65     ( 22.77 $ )
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Cantan a Manuel de Falla

The legendary 70's couple came back in 1992 with this recording that pays tribute to some excerpts of Falla's Amor Brujo. From that encounter this album saw the light under the label Pasion, and it was ironically named 'Lole y Manuel cantan a Manuel de Falla'. With the help of the London Symphonic Orchestra, Lole and Manuel's music is not progressive rock nor Sinfonic rock, but they did...

Price: 9.45     ( 12.19 $ )
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Calle Real

Camarn gets together with Paco de Luca, Tomatito (second guitar), while Rubem Dantas and Raimundo Amador, cajn and percussin respectively formed the rhythm section. Can we ask for anything more?. This is a flamenco masterpiece made by some of its heavyweights.

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Cada vez que nos miramos

This album represents the meeting between Camarn and Paco de Luca, who back at that time was a young guitarist from Algeciras (soutern Spain) with whom Camarn formed the most important flamenco 'duet' in the second part of the 20th Century. The relationship between them keeps on growing and the year after releasing their first album together, Camarn tours with Juanito Valderrama along with...

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Soy gitano

1989. 'Soy gitano', first gold disc for Camarn de la Isla in Spain (over 50.000 copies sold). It is no secret that Camarn set a before and after in the flamenco history in Spain. He was a cante revolutionary and his contributions to flamenco are countless, and many of them acted as breeding ground for many other singers that were to come after him.

Price: 13.10     ( 16.90 $ )
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Live one summer night

With his sextet, Paco de Luca created the current concept of a 'flamenco group'. Joined by his brothers Ramn de Algeciras and Pepe de Luca, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Rubem Dantas and -Manuel Soler, Juan Ramirez or El Grillo-; the Paco de Luca Sextet has set the fashion on how to present a flamenco band on a stage. Thanks to the maestro of Algeciras, and the talent of his musicians,...

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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12 Canciones de Garcia Lorca para guitarra

Paco de Luca was only eighteen when he recorded this album next to Ricardo Modrgo. Here he does the arrangements and plays songs compiled in the 20's by Federico Garca Lorca, leaving his first footprints on a road that would eventually transformed him into one of the greates creators and contemporary flamenco perfomers. Ricardo Montenegro toured several times with Paco de Luca between...

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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