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  • Learn How to Play the Flamenco (Book/CD) By David Leiva. Musical Score 23.08€ #50489MB701 Ref.: 50489MB701

    Learn How to Play the Flamenco (Book/CD) By David Leiva. Musical Score

    'Learn how to play the Flamenco''. Flamenco Guitar by David Leiva. Score Flamenco has crossed borders toreach the entire world,being admired and respected by musicians and amateurs from all over the world. This new method of flamenco guitar created by David Leiva is not only for self-taught but also a novel guide for flamenco schools and conservatories. The book covers all the main styles such...

    Price: 23.08 € (27.07 USD)
  • Angelillo. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080421812 Ref.: 50080421812

    Angelillo. 2CDS

    Angelillo singed all kind of rhythms and he is a pretty good singer. It is worth your while to discover Angelillo or to enjoy his spendid voice and his way to sing. He has also song and recorded a lot of soleares, seguiriyas, malagueñas, tarantas, mineras, murcianas, saetas, verdiales, etc. successfully. And of course all the range of american songs. Accompanied on the guitar by Ramón Montoya,...

    Price: 7.95 € (9.33 USD)
  • Canastera - Camaron de la Isla 12.55€ #50112UN63 Ref.: 50112UN63

    Canastera - Camaron de la Isla

    'Canastera' seems to show the most experimental sides of these two flamenco virtuosos. It coincided temporarily with the flamenco 'duende' of Paco de Lucía (1972) y reflects the sound of that time with echoes and rever effects. It starts with an attempt at creating Cante, 'La Canastera', with a chorus that brings back the memories of the copla 'Ojos Verdes', originally written by Valverde, León...

    Price: 12.55 € (14.72 USD)
  • Book/CD Ref.: 50489L-47ESTUIDOS

    Book/CD "47 studies for Flamenco Guitar - Beginners Level" by Jorge Berges

    47 STUDIES FOR FLAMENCO GUITAR (beginners level) is simply a collection of different flamenco styles - “palos”,that it includes the simplest in terms of ease of playing, and they were created for beginners levelThe scores include left and right hand fingering and indications such as the golpe, strumming, cejillas etc..The CD which accompanies this book contains all studies.At the end...

    Price: 27.88 € (32.69 USD)
  • Flamenco Notes 1.Andres Batista. Score books 22.12€ #50489L-APUNTES01 Ref.: 50489L-APUNTES01

    Flamenco Notes 1.Andres Batista. Score books

    A great Flamenco repertory including falsetas, rhythms and primary chords that are usual in the main flamenco styles to accompany the cante (singing) and baile (dancing). Useful to every guitarist who needs a varied repertory or improve it in this complicated art of accompaniment. Book Contents: Preface 10 basic advices to the flamenco guitarist Notation signs Andres Batista El...

    Price: 22.12 € (25.94 USD)
  • Flamenco Guitar Solos. Vol 2 by Luigi Marraccini 22.74€ #50072ML98143 Ref.: 50072ML98143

    Flamenco Guitar Solos. Vol 2 by Luigi Marraccini

    Sólo disponible en Inglés.Intermediate. Saddlestitch. This book will appeal to any guitarist intrigued by the soulful and magical sound of the flamenco guitar. Presents 10 engaging, intermediate to advanced flamenco guitar solos in traditional forms in standard notation and tab with performance notes. All selections appear on the book's companion CD. So grab your guitar and get into flamenco,...

    Price: 22.74 € (26.67 USD)
  • Juan Serrano - Flamenco Concert Selections 29.95€ #504902820 Ref.: 504902820

    Juan Serrano - Flamenco Concert Selections

    This book is composed of twelve pieces of flamenco music for concert which maintain their traditional form without losing for a moment their primitive purity. This scores book contents:Introduccion, Bella mar (Verdiales), Ensueño (Petenera), Fantasy (Zambra), Juani (Farruca), Lidia, Majestuosas (Seguiriyas), Muñequita (Zapateado), Nancy (Rumba), Nostalgia (Guajiras), Posadas (Soleares),...

    Price: 29.95 € (35.12 USD)
  • 47 Flamenco Scales by Jorge Berges 22.02€ #50489L-ESCALAS 01 Ref.: 50489L-ESCALAS 01

    47 Flamenco Scales by Jorge Berges

    Score book  "47 Flamenco Scales" by Jorge Berges 47 Flamenco Scales with musical notation and tab with the fingering for both right and left hands. This book deals with only one technical aspect: a more effective way of using scales (picados in flamenco terminology). Some of these scales are currently used by some foremost guitarists such as Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlucar, Gerardo Núñez,...

    Price: 22.02 € (25.82 USD)
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