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  • Manuel Salado: .Flamenco Dance - Advanced Level. Rumbas y Tarantos. Vol. 18 20.50€ #50485CAL70018 Ref.: 50485CAL70018

    Manuel Salado: .Flamenco Dance - Advanced Level. Rumbas y Tarantos. Vol. 18

    This volume is devoted to Rumbas y Tarantos.Flamenco dancing currently has reached a prestigious peak that makes it specially attractive across all countries in the world, due to its aesthetic beauty its technical difficulty, but above all due to its feeling and expressive force.In view of the success and demand of the ten volumes comprised in " El Baile Flamenco" ("Flamenco Dance";...

    Price: 20.50 € (24.45 USD)
  • Solo Compas - Tarantos 13.90€ #505065032 Ref.: 505065032

    Solo Compas - Tarantos

    Baile: Eva "La Yerbabuena" y María del Mar Moreno Cante: Luis Moneo, Enrique Soto y Jesús Heredia Guitarra: Antonio Jero, Santiago Moreno y Paco Jarana Percusión : Manuel Salado Palmas: Quini y Rubichi TEMAS 1 Tarantos. Baile Completo 2 Tarantos. Baile Completo 3 Primera Parte. Salida 4 Segunda Parte. Primera Letra 5 Tercera Parte. Segunda Letra 6 Tangos. Macho de Tarantos....

    Price: 13.90 € (16.58 USD)
  • Manuel Salado: Flamenco Dance - Bulerias y Tarantos. Vol. 1 20.50€ #50485CAL70001 Ref.: 50485CAL70001

    Manuel Salado: Flamenco Dance - Bulerias y Tarantos. Vol. 1

    Each volume in this collection includes a DVD and a CD that contain all the information needed to learn several flamenco structures or styles, with concise and detailed explanations as well as useful tips. They were designed by a team of professionals with a broad experience in flamenco teaching and broadcasting.

    Price: 20.50 € (24.45 USD)
  • Ritmo flamenco rhythm (10 CDs + 1 DVD) 90.25€ #50537CM525 Ref.: 50537CM525

    Ritmo flamenco rhythm (10 CDs + 1 DVD)

    A didactic collection of flamenco: singing, playing and dancing. This collection is made of 11 volumes:8 of dansing, playing 'toque' and singing; 1 of singing; 1 of drums and 1 DVD.Ritmo Flamenco Rhythm is the definitive collection to learn the keys of flamenco: dancing, playing and singing. A easy learning method for all types of backgrounds. And ideal complement of flamenco from around the...

    Price: 90.25 € (107.60 USD)
  • Camaron and Tomatito Ref.: 50112UN642

    Camaron and Tomatito "San Juan Evangelista 92" Last concert

    The last concert of Camaron de la Isla. The show was about to be cancelled at the last moment. He came late, very late, but he came. He was coming from Nimes, and on his face we could see an infinite tiredness. He could not not come, he said "the fans deserve that i am here". As soon as he took sit, on the stage, his tiredness got away. He gave everything, taking risks with all notes, and he...

    Price: 24.90 € (29.69 USD)
  • solo compás - Baile flamenco. Vol. 2 (2 Cd's) 19.40€ #50506T14C50526 Ref.: 50506T14C50526

    solo compás - Baile flamenco. Vol. 2 (2 Cd's)

    The bailaor José Galván returns with the second volume of this series, taking one more step on the way towards learning flamenco dancing. Directed at intermediate level learners, it contains two CDs the first one has the dance and the second one is just the accompaniment to the dance. This album looks at garrotín, tarantos, bamberas, tangos, rondeñas, zorongo, caña and martinete. José...

    Price: 19.40 € (23.13 USD)
  • Flamenco guitar guide. Paco Serrano. DVD 40.50€ #50489PACOSERRANO Ref.: 50489PACOSERRANO

    Flamenco guitar guide. Paco Serrano. DVD

    Flamenco guitar handbook of Paco Serrano. Techniques, Basic styles and flourishes.This DVD includes:- Basic techniques with practical examples. Thumb, Rasgueado, Arpeggio, Tremolo, Picado, Alzapúa. Guajiras and Soleá falsetas with practical examples.-Study of the "flamenco", basic phrases, variations and formulas to improvise:Solea, Fandango de Huelva, Fandango abandolao, Tangos,...

    Price: 40.50 € (48.29 USD)
  • Flamenco Inheritance, The woman in the Flamenco. CD + DVD 13.55€ #50080931151 Ref.: 50080931151

    Flamenco Inheritance, The woman in the Flamenco. CD + DVD

    In this DVD, we have the artist SARA FLORES, one of the best voices in the current panorama of Barcelona, sharing a show with flamenco artists from the first row like, JUAN DE JOSE, MONTSE CORTES, ANTONIO CANALES, interpreting several songs by Bulerías, Tarantos, Tangos. With its peculiar flamenco art.On the other hand we have MARIA JIMENEZ, a young flamenco singer, she is not longer in the...

    Price: 13.55 € (16.16 USD)
  • Flamenco Step by Step. Taranto (14) - VHS 3.00€ #504880014 Ref.: 504880014

    Flamenco Step by Step. Taranto (14) - VHS

    In this volume, which deals with tarantos, he examines the meter, guitar playing, singing and dancing in this flamenco form. It also includes exercises, and a performance by Adrián Galia and his team. Articles on sale, untill end of stock.

    Price: 3.00 € (3.58 USD)
  • Zyryab - Paco de Lucía 10.45€ #50112UN61 Ref.: 50112UN61

    Zyryab - Paco de Lucía

    Zyryab (1990) In this album the guitarrist returns to previous concepts, like the soundtrack to Montoyas y tarantos, and turns to collaborations with Chick Corea and Manolo Sanlúcar, El Potito, Tino Di Geraldo, Ramón Porrina and the Sextet. The jazz atmosphere and the piano solos stand out. He is less comprimising and trying to be more accessible to a more broad an international audience.

    Price: 10.45 € (12.46 USD)
  • Rosa Maria - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia 12.60€ #50112UN72 Ref.: 50112UN72

    Rosa Maria - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia

    On the cover of 'Rosamaría' is a picuture of Lamarca. On the guitar there is Paco de Lucía with the accompanyment of Ramá de Algeciras. All songs are by Antonio Sánchez, except for the buleria titled 'Con roca de pernal' by Joaquín Carmona. 'Rosamaría' is the hit, a few catchy tangos which accomplished their task. La Canastera is not as good as the first one, and in it Paco de Lucía...

    Price: 12.60 € (15.03 USD)
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