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  • Momentos Cumbre (Los grandes maestros del arte flamenco) 23.95€ #50112BMG82 Ref.: 50112BMG82

    Momentos Cumbre (Los grandes maestros del arte flamenco)

    Momentos Cumbre (Los grandres Maestros del arte flamenco) is made up of 3 fully remastered Cd's in which 'there is no selection criteria other than offering the listener with a sampler of the best quality voices and guitars of flamenco's most fertile catalogue on record'. It is selection of the best recordings from the archives of the following labels: Ariola, Columbia, Rca, Alhambra, Zafiro,...

    Price: 23.95 € (28.09 USD)
  • El flamenco es universal vol. 1 12.45€ #50112UN371 Ref.: 50112UN371

    El flamenco es universal vol. 1

    In this cd 'El Flamenco es universal vol. 1' have a variety of artists, of styles and of stages in flamenco in a compilation that covers almost half a century of the history of flamenco through the performances of great flamenco singers and high-quality guitarists, ranging from the most classical ones to the most recent ones.

    Price: 12.45 € (14.60 USD)
  • Flamenco Box Set 37.80€ #50112UN49 Ref.: 50112UN49

    Flamenco Box Set

    Flamenco Box Set contains 3 Cd's with the best songs by the best interpreters of flamenco. Artists such as Camaron de la Isla, Tomatito, Paco de Lucia, Jose Soto " El Sorderita", "El Lebrijano", Antonio Mairena, La Paquera de Jerez, Jose Mercé, Manolo Caracol, Carmen Linares, Pata Negra, Ketama, Raimundo Amado and many others.

    Price: 37.80 € (44.33 USD)
  • Flamenco styles encyclopedia AZ (12 Cd + Book) 99.95€ #50112UN545 Ref.: 50112UN545

    Flamenco styles encyclopedia AZ (12 Cd + Book)

    A new encyclopedia travelling all over the styles through the most representative artists. All the "palos". All the artists. The complete flamenco is now collected in this new publication, the flamenco styles encyclopedia from A to Z. Faustin Nuñez and José Manuel Gamboa, experts in flamenco, have worked on this edition travelling all over the most important names of the flamenco musical...

    Price: 99.95 € (117.20 USD)
  • El Flamenco es universal 15.55€ #50112UN56 Ref.: 50112UN56

    El Flamenco es universal

    This double CD puts together 34 flamenco artists. A compilation like few given the high quality of the performing artists, the songs, and the wide variety of styles. From Fosforito in 1957 to the virtuoso Tomatito in 2001, spanning over 50 years of Flamenco history.

    Price: 15.55 € (18.24 USD)
  • Cafe Madrid 13.10€ #50509NM316 Ref.: 50509NM316

    Cafe Madrid

    A selection from a extensive walk through the very best Flamenco personalities. This includes:  La nina de la Puebla  with their song 'Dice que no'; Porrina de Badajoz with 'Extremena' & 'Un Aguila Imperial'; 'Esta es mi vida' from El Turronero; 'Soleares Populares' from Paco de Lucia; and 'Farruca' from Manolo SanLucar.There are a total of 16 songs on the CD.

    Price: 13.10 € (15.36 USD)
  • Por tangos 12.35€ #50515EMI142 Ref.: 50515EMI142

    Por tangos

    'Por Tangos,' is a compilation of only tango interpretations which brings together the best flamenco cantaores; including:  Juana la del Revuelo, Carmen Linares, Enrique Morente, Remedios Amaya, Tomatito, Esperanza Fernández, Manuel Soto “Sordera”, Fernanda de Utrera, Juan el de la Vara, Gabriel Moreno, Chocolate, Chato de la Isla and Perla de Cádiz.

    Price: 12.35 € (14.49 USD)
  • Mujeres - Estrella Morente 17.95€ #50515EMI536 Ref.: 50515EMI536

    Mujeres - Estrella Morente

    Estrella Morente sings and gives homage to 13 women of the twentieth century.'Mujeres',  the third disc of her career, arrives after five years of silence.Flamenco 'has a better taste when it is done within the family, because we do not feel as good as when we are at home'. That is why Estrella counts again in this new disc 'Mujeres' on her father, Enrique Morente, as a guide.Estrella goes...

    Price: 17.95 € (21.05 USD)
  • Un siglo con duende 18.95€ #50515EMI78 Ref.: 50515EMI78

    Un siglo con duende

    In two discs, Un Siglo Con Duende brings together the most ripe works of flamenco. It is an excellent compilation with an eclectic variety of different flamenco styles of different time periods. Works from the following artists: Dorantes, Tomatito, Camarón, Remedios Amaya, Esperanza Fernández, Indio Gitano, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Enrique Morente, Juanito Villar, Chano Lobato, Fernanda de...

    Price: 18.95 € (22.22 USD)
  • Duende & Fiesta. Flamencopassion 32.00€ #50515EMI92 Ref.: 50515EMI92

    Duende & Fiesta. Flamencopassion

    Duende & Fiesta is a 3 disc compilation of the best songs by the best flamenco artists. Interpreters like amaron de la Isla, Tomatito,Carmen Linares , Manuel Soto 'El Sorderita',Chano Lobato, Dieguito el Cigala, Juanito Valderrama, La Niña de los peines, Bernarda y Fernanda de Utrera, Pepe Marchena, Navajita Plateá , Fosforito, Enrique Morente, Antonio el Chaqueta and many others.

    Price: 32.00 € (37.53 USD)
  • Flamenco Inheritance. Kontratiempo CD + DVD 13.55€ #50080931076 Ref.: 50080931076

    Flamenco Inheritance. Kontratiempo CD + DVD

    ANA MORALES MORENO. At 15 year old she moved to Seville to be part of the workshop DAC "ANDALUZA DANCE COMPANY", debuted professionally in the theater with ANTONIO "EL PIPA", in the Biennial of the 2000, in the espectacle who called "PUNTALES". Since year 2001 until 2004 she is CAD body of dance. In 2005 participates in the movies "Iberia" by Carlos Saura, under the choreographic direction of...

    Price: 13.55 € (15.89 USD)
  • Score books ''Almoraima'' by Paco de Lucía 47.02€ #50489L-PCOLUCIA4 Ref.: 50489L-PCOLUCIA4

    Score books ''Almoraima'' by Paco de Lucía

    The author of these charts has been the maestro Enrique Vargas, also the director of the collection “The Great Flamenco Guitars of Today Library”, who had to face the tremendous difficulty of transcribing accurately every little detail of this historic work of art. Paco de Lucia implements in “Almoraima” various innovations unprecedented for the times: every one of the eight cuts of the...

    Price: 47.02 € (55.14 USD)
  • La guitarra de Paco de Lucía. 21.25€ #505010001 Ref.: 505010001

    La guitarra de Paco de Lucía.

    La guitarra de Paco de Lucía including a small biography in spanish, japanese and english and the songs: Rio ancho, Cueva del gato, Llanos del real, A la Perla de Cádiz, Almoraima, Plaza alta, El cobre.

    Price: 21.25 € (24.92 USD)
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