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  • Pasión flamenca. 2CDS. 7.95€ #50080420600 Ref.: 50080420600

    Pasión flamenca. 2CDS.

    "Pasión Flamenca", a double cd with famous themes, performed by great flamenco singers. Famous voices such as El Niño Gloria, Pepe Pinto, Pepe Marchena, Tomás Pavón.

    Price: 7.95 € (9.33 USD)
  • Quejío,Un monumento al cante - Pepe Marchena 20.20€ #50515EMI211 Ref.: 50515EMI211

    Quejío,Un monumento al cante - Pepe Marchena

    Pepe de Marchena was perhaps the man responsable for fandango and other similar style's dominance during the Flamenco Opera period. With the goal of making soft and sweet cante, Pepe Marchena made it an artificial creation. He imposed the cante bonito out of gorgoritos, falsetas and filigranas; he introduced recitals in the cante; and he came up with musical hybrids, this was a trully innovative...

    Price: 20.20 € (23.69 USD)
  • Esencial Flamenco Vol. 5 5.95€ #50084510554 Ref.: 50084510554

    Esencial Flamenco Vol. 5

    "Esencial flamenco" is a cds collection including songs from important flamenco artists."Esencial flamenco vol.5" offers 14 themes, all sung by genius like Manolo El Malagueño, Juanito Valderrama, Angelillo, Agujeta El Viejo, La Niña de la Puebla, Tomás Pavón, Pepe Marchena, Pepe Pinto... among others.

    Price: 5.95 € (6.98 USD)
  • Niño de Barbate (Republication) 10.45€ #50112UN416 Ref.: 50112UN416

    Niño de Barbate (Republication)

    El Niño de Barbate is one of the best figure of the 'flamenco Opera'. Friend of artists like 'la Niña de los Peines', 'Pepe Marchena' or 'Vallejo', he spent nights playing with Antonio Chacón and Manuel Torresiendo.  

    Price: 10.45 € (12.26 USD)
  • Tribute to Ramón De Algeciras 21.90€ #50112UN648 Ref.: 50112UN648

    Tribute to Ramón De Algeciras

    In the disc of RAMON DE ALGECIRAS, an album of two Cds pays tribute to the big guitarist, accompanied by singers as Camaron, Niño Ricardo, La Susi and with his little brother, another big master of the spanish guitar Paco de Lucia. Ramon de Algeciras is the big brother of another great guitarist: Paco de Lucia. He is the one of the best guitarists representative of Niño Ricardo's...

    Price: 21.90 € (25.68 USD)
  • Figuras del Cante Jondo - Manolo el Malagueño 9.90€ #50535AD538 Ref.: 50535AD538

    Figuras del Cante Jondo - Manolo el Malagueño

    Manolo el Malagueño was a "sweet songs" cantaor. His master was Pepe Marchena was his favourite cantaor, he imitated his styles at the beginning. Then he found his favourite musical dynamics. He was a successfull singer, admired by the audience.

    Price: 9.90 € (11.61 USD)
  • El Niño de Marchena. Book 7.90€ #50588EXT9700 Ref.: 50588EXT9700

    El Niño de Marchena. Book

    ''In el Niño de Marchena, with crystal clear purity of  spring serrano, it’s the  inexhaustible of the true andalusian song without the obstacles which make them small  by including it in the small songbooks''. Like that, Manuel de Falla was talking about Pepe Marchena, whose life, art and songs are gathered in this facsimile of the first edition of the collection ''Figures of the...

    Price: 7.90 € (9.27 USD)
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