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  • Ritmo flamenco rhythm (10 CDs + 1 DVD) 90.25€ #50537CM525 Ref.: 50537CM525

    Ritmo flamenco rhythm (10 CDs + 1 DVD)

    A didactic collection of flamenco: singing, playing and dancing. This collection is made of 11 volumes:8 of dansing, playing 'toque' and singing; 1 of singing; 1 of drums and 1 DVD.Ritmo Flamenco Rhythm is the definitive collection to learn the keys of flamenco: dancing, playing and singing. A easy learning method for all types of backgrounds. And ideal complement of flamenco from around the...

    Price: 90.25 € (105.82 USD)
  • Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco 9.90€ #50535AD522 Ref.: 50535AD522

    Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco

    Original recordings from the 30. Juan Varea. He was not Andalusian or gipsy but a real Flamenco. Juanito Varea left us a large discography including all the famous "palos" of the flamenco music. He is considered as a traditional figure, a pure flamenco voice and recognized by the artists. He was one of the four elected during the "Llave de Oro" singing competition in Cordoba, in 1962. A singer...

    Price: 9.90 € (11.61 USD)
  • Poemas del exilio Rafael Alberti - Miguel Poveda 15.65€ #50113HMI340 Ref.: 50113HMI340

    Poemas del exilio Rafael Alberti - Miguel Poveda

    Born in Cádiz, Rafael Alberti had to flee from Spain after the Republican government was defeated in 1939. He went into exile in Argentina, where he wrote numerous poems to express his homesickness and anxiety for his wounded country. His verses with their Andalusian flavour inspired composer Enric Palomar to compose a suite for a chamber orchestra and flamenco voice which resounds with elements...

    Price: 15.65 € (18.35 USD)
  • David Palomar.La Viña: Canton Independiente 11.95€ #50046BJ211 Ref.: 50046BJ211

    David Palomar.La Viña: Canton Independiente

    If Aurelio Sellé, Manolo Vargas, Pericón or Chano had looked for a heiress maybe they wouldn't pay attention to this artist who started with the flamenco before becoming "flamencazo". They call him David Palomar and he has the grace of each one of them and also their curiosity and their liberality. Son of an independent side-street in Cadiz: La Viña, at which he doesn't keep...

    Price: 11.95 € (14.02 USD)
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